June 21, 2015

Summer Solstice in Central Florida...just another hot day.

The garden is weary of the oppressing heat, as is the gardener.  The clouds gather each afternoon, teasing us with the prospect of a refreshing deluge.  Rumbles of thunder roll through the skies, and I anticipate a lovely, drenching rain...none comes.  The clouds, heavy with the waters that are needed to revive the exhausted garden, go rejuvenate a garden elsewhere.  Our time will come.

There are some plants in the garden that are thriving in this all day, every day, full sun.  Okra, beans and sweet potatoes don't mind at all, but the tomatoes have given up.  Crape myrtles are just beginning to bloom and the gingers are flourishing.  The roses, though, are a sad lot.  Their blooms are faded before they can be enjoyed.  Daylilies , before midday, are sun bleached.  But, I live in Florida and I wouldn't trade it for anywhere.  It has been a hotter than normal spring for us here in Central Florida, perhaps summer will be more temperate.

Heat loving blooms...

Aloe embraces this hot weather, and the 'hummers' are grateful.

Marigolds just keep on , keeping on.

White Gaura

Shade blooms...


And another.

Beautiful faces in the shade...caladiums.

And, a few more blooms...

Crown of Thorns.


Clematis 'Ramona'

Surprise of the morning~

I often find them sleeping in the daylilies, but this was a first 'doze in a rose' I've seen.  Happy gardening.


  1. What a great froggy shot! ;0D I too, am so worn out with the heat. It makes me want to stay indoors, which is not like me at all. Gorgeous blooms. I was amazed to see the hosta flower looks so much like agapanthus blooms. Hang in there! Relief has to show up sooner or later!

    1. Thanks Daisy. I never thought about the hosta blooms being so like the aggies, but they sure are. It's even cool that they also both have lavender and white blooms. I totally get what you're saying about staying inside, not like me either. Looking forward to a good overcast day when I can get a few things done outside. Take care...stay cool.

  2. The heat and humidity are AWFUL! We also are teased with predictions of thunderstorms that never happen and it looks like we've sunny skies for the next week or so. Today is one of my watering days, so I will be putting the sprinkler on the gardens and hand watering.

    Your blooms are all lovely and you can grow some up there where you are that I can't this far south. Hostas and clematis. That little frog found a lovely, sweet spot for a nap.

    Have a great week and keep cool & hydrated ~ FlowerLady

    1. Goodness, it seems like everyone is suffering from heat and lack of rain. Watering just seems to keep the plants alive, whereas a good rain works wonders on them.

      Yes, I've had some luck with hostas by keeping them in deep shade. As for the clematis, if I keep their roots shady they'll do o.k. here, of course they're always smaller than our northern gardeners grow. I'm just happy to have something a little different than what you see every day.

      Take care...happy gardening.

  3. Absolutely love the photo of the frog in the rose! And you have hummers visit your aloe blooms? Is that the standard, good for you, type of aloe?

    I'm teased each afternoon with the threat of rain too. I get all excited because I know nothing makes my garden grow like the rain . . . and then nothing. So rest assured, your clouds are not dropping their goods on Lakeland. :-) But that's OK. I love Florida and I'll take the heat any day over the cold!

    Seeing your clematis blooms makes me want to try these beauties again. Very tempting.


    1. The aloe was given to me by my mother-in-law years ago. She believed it was good for everything, I always use it for minor burns. One small plant has turned into many large clumps, and yes, the hummers love it. I have several 'Black and Blue' Salvias planted near it because I had heard that they attracted hummers, but I've never seen one on them.

      Yes, I prefer the heat over the cold also, mainly because nothing much is growing then. I love being outside , working in my garden.

      Take care...hope rain finds your garden soon.

  4. Doze in a rose - I love that! What a cute find! I'm envious of your clematis and hostas too! I couldn't even think of growing them down here. We seem to be in a little pocket east of 75 that has it's own microclimate - I swear we are more humid and jungly than other areas around us. But I wouldn't trade it either! Your photos are beautiful and you've got quite a few blooms looking wonderful!

    1. Thanks Lynn. I have to 'baby' my clematis and hostas along, but they're worth it. I'm about 15 miles south of Ocala, and even here I've not seen much of either being grown.

      Yes, Florida on it's hottest, muggiest day is still better than anywhere else. Our winters make up for it all.

  5. Even the frogs are seeking cover. Fortunately you have a nice selection of plants that can take the heat. We've had a hotter and dryer than normal two weeks. Even I don't want to go outside. Last night we finally got a drenching rain. Hope you get your share soon.