May 13, 2017

Central Florida Spring Garden

A beautiful, much needed, rainy day in Central Florida!  Finally!  I've run out of things to do inside so I'll take a few minutes and share what's been going on in my gardens this week.  
I have a variety of ginger plants, but Variegated Shell Ginger is always one of the first to bloom.  The foliage is wonderful year round, so I consider the blooms "the cherry on the top".  These are rather large plants and do a great job of  screening my chicken coop. 

The garden by the front porch has erupted with color.  The Amistad Salvia is doing it's part to draw in hummingbirds - love this plant!

Just beginning to bloom, Tithonia is going to mix well in this bed.

'Belindas Dream' rose is doing well here of the easiest care roses for Florida.

A large flowered Clematis by the porch...

A smaller flowered one on the arbor...

This one is so dark, almost black on overcast days.

On the brighter side, daylilies are also blooming.  These are wonderful plants for all gardeners, with or without green thumbs, nearly carefree.

A seldom seen 'for sale' plant that I just love.  I've spread it all over my shade gardens and the hummingbirds are always visiting them.  Hardy red gloxinia...

'Climbing Iceberg'

The vegetable garden is producing mouth-watering, sweet onions and summer squash.  Tomatoes, possibly by Memorial Day.

Still lovely, behind the vegetable garden, Mexican flame vine and yellow bells.

Close by the vegetable garden, this birdhouse is home to a pair of Eastern Bluebirds _ Mama...

Daddy, watching from the shop roof...

Hope you're all having a delightful spring.  Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms!

April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day!

I've not posted in a while...just been too darn busy.  Today seems like an appropriate day to share some of the beautiful visitors to my garden.  This cutie, a Flycatcher, has chosen a different birdhouse this year.  She usually nests in a box out front with the Bluebird population.

 "Close enough", she says.

Bluebirds are always welcome visitors.

A frequent guest for dinner!

Checking out an abandoned Wood Duck box...

A lovely Cardinal enjoying a shower in the vegetable garden.  We've been terribly dry so many birds are attracted by the sprinklers any time they're on.

This shy Ground-Dove has found itself a quiet, shady spot to get a drink of water.

Sandhill Cranes are also welcome in our yard.  He can have all the grubs he can hold, with my blessing.

My Mexican Flame Vine hasn't slowed down for two years.  I originally put it behind the vegetable garden to cover a pile of firewood, but, oh my, it's taken over!  I hope it continues as it draws in so many butterflies!  We often just hang out in the veggie garden to see what's visiting  our vine.


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Gulf Fritillary


The Gulf Fritillaries love this Passion Vine that is also planted by the veggie garden, so I expect to see it being consumed by caterpillars any day.

I'm going to close with just a couple photos around the garden.  Then...I'm going to catch up on some of my favorite Florida garden bloggers!  

Happy Earth Day...Happy Gardening!