June 13, 2015

Made in the Central Florida

The good news is, I'm through with the shade garden I dismantled  last week.  The bad news, I have to catch up on the weeding and deadheading that I've been letting go, while I've been playing in the dirt.  To bring you up to date...

We removed the rocks from around this bed, so we could join it to the garden running along the fence line.

After removing the sod and digging out a few, maybe more than a few, roots.

We added some good dirt.
I bought the trellis for less than half price , from a small local nursery.  It's got some rust, and my Honey would have been happy to sand and paint it, but I love it just the way it is. 

Two small Bleeding Heart vines, three hostas, three Persian Shield plants and a couple coleus.  That's all I bought (the first trip)  because there are so many caladiums packed in the bed that I'm going to separate.  I've got plenty more in other shade gardens that are over crowded.  I did go back and buy a few more hostas before I finished the bed.

Don't know how well you can tell from this picture, but there's two Confederate Jasmines on those trellises.  Oh yes, I knew better when I put them there...I'm trimming them every other week, so I'm borrowing them for the new garden.
Two Jasmines on the fence now, didn't lose too much of them.

Trellis in, a lot separated already.  A good overcast day, watered as I went, nothing wilted.

Bleeding  Heart vine on the trellis, looks tiny, but they grow so fast.

Most of my gardens look better in photos than they do in real life, it's just true.  This garden is far more beautiful in real life, it' an awkward corner to photograph.
Loving my new trellis

This garden is so busy, I decided to keep the pot material simple, Spider plants.

Thanks for checking out my garden.  I hope you all are having a great weekend...happy gardening.


  1. Don'tcha just love a bargain? Your new corner garden looks so lush and makes me feel 15 degrees cooler. Enjoy!

  2. I love your new trellis and garden...Bro. John