August 23, 2015

Morning Magic

I haven't been doing any gardening this week, just letting summer wind down.  I spent an hour or so this morning, enjoying the beauty of a new day.  Some prefer their gardens in the evening, as the last sun rays gently wash over their surroundings.  I'm enchanted by day's first light, peeking through the oak canopy, then dancing around the gardens.  Light and shadows shifting, the first blush of morning, is when I most enjoy the garden.

The shade gardens have remained beautiful, throughout the summer, with little effort on my part.

First light.

I've divided hostas and gingers this year, also rooted cuttings, to fill the beds as full as possible.  More plants, less weeds.

Morning doesn't last nearly long enough.

Blue Ginger...pretty , even as a bud.  Waiting for the flower.

Out front, with the sun still streaming in, horizontally.

Morning is short-lived, swiftly becoming day.  It was altogether lovely.


  1. Beautifully written and your photos make me want to embrace summer-almost...

    Enjoy the lingering days of summer...

  2. Morning is my favorite time in the garden too. It's cool and dewy and all the plants seem refreshed. Your photos are gorgeous!

  3. Janice, What a lovely post! All the colors in your garden look so pretty together and it all looked so fresh and cool in the early morning light. I loved the photo of the light through the oak tree. You are so lucky to have big oaks. We live in a mixed hardwood area but I seem to have mainly water oaks and pines in my garden. I would love a big live oak. That blue ginger is to die for! It really is magnificent. Do you have to protect it well against a freeze? Hoping we don't get washed away with that tropical storm that is out there. Just a few more weeks and I think we should start to get a feel of autumn..hopefully!


  4. Summer mornings are definitely more enjoyable than evenings. Your garden looks like it loves the summer heat and humidity. It's beautiful!

  5. Hi Janice, I love the early morning light...beautiful for taking photos, as you have captured so well. I sure haven't been out in the garden much at all, mine is a crazy mess at the moment. It's so very nice to look at your well tended gorgeous gardens! At least we're getting some cool breezes with these storms and luckily not as much rain as intended. Hey, it's September already! Fall is coming... :)