December 20, 2016

December has been a lovely, warm month in Florida.  Flowers are still in bloom and butterflies are everywhere!  Although some annual flowers are gone, the pollinators are visiting whatever's available.  I've been noticing Gulf  Fritillaries hanging around the Turk's Cap and wondered how they were able to get to the nectar.


If you look closely, you can see its proboscis - long flexible tongue - sliding between the petals.

They're after this...sweet nectar, that I also sipped from Turk's Cap as a child.    

The Mexican Flame Vine is attracting many pollinators, including Woodland Skippers.

Gulf Fritillary

Another pollinator magnet still blooming is my Tractor Seat plant.  Polka Dot Wasp Moths are beautifully colored.


Zebra Longwings

One of my favorite plants for the shade garden.

The first Japonica Camellia to bloom is my variegated 'Laura Walker'.

A late blooming Sasanqua Camellia, 'Hima Jiman'.

A few pictures of my 'girls'.

I'll say good-bye for now...Merry Christmas to all my gardening friends and visitors.