August 23, 2015

Morning Magic

I haven't been doing any gardening this week, just letting summer wind down.  I spent an hour or so this morning, enjoying the beauty of a new day.  Some prefer their gardens in the evening, as the last sun rays gently wash over their surroundings.  I'm enchanted by day's first light, peeking through the oak canopy, then dancing around the gardens.  Light and shadows shifting, the first blush of morning, is when I most enjoy the garden.

The shade gardens have remained beautiful, throughout the summer, with little effort on my part.

First light.

I've divided hostas and gingers this year, also rooted cuttings, to fill the beds as full as possible.  More plants, less weeds.

Morning doesn't last nearly long enough.

Blue Ginger...pretty , even as a bud.  Waiting for the flower.

Out front, with the sun still streaming in, horizontally.

Morning is short-lived, swiftly becoming day.  It was altogether lovely.

August 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day ~ August 2015 ~ Central Florida

If plants could talk, I know my ears would be burning.  It's August, in Florida, and I'm outside with a camera, expecting to find some beautiful blooms to photograph...hmm.  They're probably just shaking their little heads and saying, "that's one crazy lady".  At times like this, I would have to agree with them.  I know there won't be much photo worthy material, but it's 'bloom' day, so I'll take what I can get.  There's at least one new ginger blooming in the back shade garden, so we'll start there...

Dr.  Moy, a variegated ginger, is a new plant to my garden this year.  It's not a disappointment, I love it.

This is what it looked like, two days ago.

Curcumas, belonging to the long list of hidden gingers, have been blooming for months in my shade gardens.

The pure whites have green foliage.

The lavenders...

and variegated flowers, have foliage with a lovely purple stripe.

Pinecone ginger, beginning to brighten up.

Heliconia, with it's very tropical looking bloom.

I have toad lilies throughout the shade beds, and they bloom from Spring, until frost.

Shooting Star Hydrangea

A yellow ground orchid.

Did I mention that it's YELLOW.

Another ground orchid.

A good, small climbing rose, for Florida...Don Juan.

Not sure of her name, but she's the only other rose on the property that didn't look too sad.

This tree is one of three, 'Natchez' crepe myrtles, we put out last year.  They have all been blooming beautifully, and as an extra bonus, their fragrance is divine.

Always blooming, still no ID.


Beautyberry shrub, Callicarpa americana, planted by the water's edge.  The mockingbirds will be fighting over her berries, when they all ripen to a deep purple.

I know it's fruit, not flower, but she's so luscious looking, I had to include her.

Faithful, throughout the season, aloe always blooms.  I hope your gardens are making you smile, and providing you that 'quiet place' in life.

August 8, 2015


Another beautiful day in paradise!  It's just a sultry, August day in Florida, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.  Woke up to rain this morning, now it's a steam bath outside.  Hey, at least we're not in triple digits, like part of our country.  I began my August ritual of cutting back roses, especially the knockouts.  I got about a third of the roses done this morning, a couple more sessions, and I'll be ready for a beautiful fall bloom.  I've already told them, 'if you're not great this fall, you will not be here in spring', (yes, like most of you, I talk to my flowers).  Roses are entirely too much work, unless they're going to give back.  While outside this morning, I noticed some lovely blooms on my  saucer magnolias, Magnolia x Soulangeana.  They bloom profusely in late winter- early spring, sometimes a late frost will damage the blooms, like with our azaleas.  The rains, of late, have given them another small flurry of buds and blooms.

I have six of the saucer magnolias on the property.  They're classified as deciduous, but they lose their leaves so late, I hardly notice they're bare before they burst out in leaf again.  This back yard tree, is large enough to offer a shady spot.  I don't take many photos back there, because that's where the Honey's very large shop is located.  There's a small Meyer lemon tree, and a couple Don Juan roses, beyond the sitting area. 

So, while we're visiting the shop anyway, I'll share this...

This hawk came in a couple evenings ago, looking for dinner at the bird feeders.  They're so beautiful, I just wish they ate birdseed, instead of birds!

The rains have the shade gardens looking very lush...

The way the sunlight played through the alocasia, made it look like an x-ray.

I always have to put up another  curcuma picture...I just love them.

If you've never seen a Blue Ginger, I can't wait to show you this bloom, when it opens.  It has a way to go yet , but they are very unique.

This is where one of my Swallowtail plants is living, on the back deck.

That's all for now, I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful weekend.