July 19, 2016

Some Like It Hot

My roses are pathetic this time of year, not so my gingers.  While gingers can't tolerate much sun, they handle our nearly daily 100 degree temperatures unfazed.  I've only grown most of my gingers for three years, but I'll continue to add varieties.  I find them easy to live with, needing little care, although some do need a good bit of elbow room.  'Dr. Moy' Ginger is a large plant that needs growing space, but her blooms are exquisite...she's just begun.

Another large ginger, 'Disney',  has been blooming for several weeks.  She still has new buds developing.

Curcumas, or hidden gingers, are a much smaller plant, rarely over two feet tall.  They make themselves right at home with caladiums, coleuses, ferns, and so on.

Out front in my full sun yard, there are a few daylilies on their second or third round of blooms,  The old fashioned yellow and oranges always repeat bloom.

The wild hibiscus love the heat...they bloom from July until frost.

I have lavender ground orchids that bloom in spring, but these yellows wait for summer.  They're planted in an area that gets only morning sun.

Desert Rose, it's name implies it can take heat, and it will.

Two more lovers of our summer heat, a  Thryallis bush, and the blue butterfly bush, Clerodendrum 'ugandense'.  Perfect shrubs for a full sun garden.

Coneflowers are also unaffected by their spot in the sun.

Tithonia is a magnet for butterflies, and stands up to the heat.

Hamelia patens, Firebush, also draws in many butterflies and hummingbirds.

That's what's blooming here in my 'Garden On Fourth Street'.  I hope summer is treating you and  your gardens well.  Thanks for visiting!

July 6, 2016

Gingers Are Blooming

I love ginger lily plants!  They can color up a shade garden all summer long, never minding the heat.  The blooms on my 'Disney' ginger lily are seven inches tall and the plant itself is six foot.  This one is planted in shade, getting only dappled sunlight.

Curcuma, another ginger lily, also blooms all summer long.  They multiply rapidly, and should be divided more often than I do. 

My purple blooming curcumas are making me wait for their blooms, they're just getting started.

A nearly white bloom...

Hostas are blooming too...

Bleeding Heart Vines on the fence, white and purple.

My favorite new plant of this year is my Blackberry Lily, Iris Domestica.  Tiny flowers that remind me of toad lilies, about an inch and a half across.

I started these purple coneflowers from seed in February.  I'm thrilled to be getting my first blooms...

The coneflowers are planted in front of another summer bloomer, Tithonia,  Mexican Sunflower.

I'll save the rest of my blooms for a later post, and give you an update on my chickens.  They're about 12 weeks old now...half way to becoming egg layers!  We let them out to free range every evening, but 'free' has it's limitations.  No, they are not allowed in my shade gardens, but they have plenty of area to roam.

This one looks mean, but she's a sweetheart...they all are.

They rarely stand still when they're out, unless they dig up something good, so this is what most of their photos look like.

Until next time...