February 15, 2016

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day~February 2016~Central Florida

Thirty-four more days until spring!  But, calendar time isn't always the best reference to use regarding weather, and you know this well if you garden. Weather conditions in Central Florida has been upside-down this winter.  It by-passed us completely until late in January, and now after a few frosty mornings, we are getting another reprieve.  Very few plants are in bloom, after all, it is February.

Sunny Knock Out Rose, 'Radsunny'

'Gene Boerner' Rose

'La Marne' Rose

'Valentines Day' Rose

I pruned about half my roses yesterday, and hope to finish the rest today.  The middle of February is the best time for this in Central Florida, and other than being scratched up by the thorns, I enjoy the task.  Two other plants that are in bloom, and smell as sweet as any rose ever could, are these...


Tea Olive

Azaleas are just beginning to bloom.  This is 'Mrs. G.G. Gerbing'.

One of my most faithful plants, Gloriosa Lilies, lost most of their buds during the last frost.  This one that bloomed inside the gazebo, may be the last until spring.

New Zealand Tea Tree is an evergreen shrub, unaffected by our winters.

Japonica Camellias are still blooming, but most blooms are frost bitten or wind burnt.  This 'Desire' shrub is somewhat protected from frost and wind.

Tibouchina is a great plant for Central Florida, nearly ever-blooming for me.  Cooler weather brings about a nice  touch of red on the leaves.

Here's my newest baby, still looking good.  I got her about two weeks ago and she still has some original flowers, plus a lot more.  I think she's going to be a winner...Tractor Seat.

Happy GBBD!  So many more blooms to see over at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. Roses in Winter! Wonderful!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  2. Wonderful to have so many lovely flowers blooming in February -- especially that beautiful camellia! Thanks so much for sharing them with us winter-bound northerners, Janice. -Beth

  3. You have lots of beauties. I've always wanted a 'Gene Boerner' rose--yours is lovely!

  4. Beautiful splash of color for winter time!

  5. Hello Janice! What lovely blooms you have despite the cooler weather! I love your Gene Boerner Rose - its such a pretty color and you have my favorite La Marne too! I love this rose, but I never know when to prune it as it is always in flower!! Your Tibouchina is looking lovely too - aren't we lucky that we can grow such beautiful plants here? Enjoy your gardening week - I think we are going to warm up quite a bit now.
    - Kate

  6. I really want a Desire camellia! Your is just gorgeous with those flawless dark leaves and that perfect, symmetrical flower with not a hint of cold damage. I love the white-tinged-with-pink color combination.

  7. It looks like spring has already arrived in your garden. Your roses look like they are really enjoying the mild temps. It looks like your garden has been spared the wrath of winter. Let's hope it's clear sailing through the next full moon.