May 18, 2016

A Few Of My Favorite Things...

The gardens were completely refreshed by the beautiful deluge from the skies yesterday.  I took this photo of a Hyacinth Bean flower with storm clouds as a background.  I planted the inside of my vegetable garden with a variety of summer vines this spring and some are just beginning to show color...

Besides a quite pretty bloom, this vine will produce attractive purple beans later on.

Morning Glory vines are in the mix, and this is the first bloom.  I'm still waiting on Cardinal Climber and Moonflower vines to bloom.

It was a great day to get a photo of the 'Iceberg' rose out front as white  pops when it's nearly dark outside.

'Louis Philippe' rose in the background.

Gaura lindheimeri,  daylilies and three favorite plants for my full sun gardens.

Other daylilies earlier in the day...

This 'Red Hot' Hibiscus, which is grown more for the foliage than the flower, is blooming.

Another first bloom for this season, a wild hibiscus...

Just some pretty out front, then I've got a couple things to share in the shade garden.

My 3 favorite plants for my full sun garden...daylilies, agapanthus, and gaura lindheimeri.

The agapanthus are providing a lot of blue for the garden, even though very few of the flowers have actually opened completely.  They have a long way to go, so I'll just enjoy.

Back in the shade gardens my 'Gold Dust' ginger is blooming...without leaves, but that's not unusual for some gingers.

The other surprise is 'Silver Diamonds' Ginger is doing the same thing...probably the closest I'll get to having an orchid.

Shade garden...

I have 3 Tibouchinas...they all came off the clearance rack at Lowe's the same day, a couple years ago.  One gets full sun, the other half day sun, and this one gets only a whisper of sun, but they all bloom.  You can't complain about a shrub that performs like that.

Thanks for visiting...have a great day.


  1. Hi Janice, Looks like you've got some organized chaos going on in your garden, too - and, it all looks great! Love iceberg roses, your daylilies are beautiful, and the hyacinth vine is very unique. Can't wait to see the beans. Glad you got some rain, too. Such a welcome relief. Enjoy all your beautiful blooms!

    1. Hi Susan, and yes, I love my organized chaos too. It's the time of year for our gardens to go wild with blooms! Thanks for your nice comments. _Janice

  2. Your garden is a symphony of joyful color and texture! I just love the design that you have created. I bet it makes getting through the heat of summer a little easier, just being able to see all of the wonderous blooms around you.

  3. That very summery deluge has obviously made your garden very happy! What a beautiful picture all those lovely flowers make. I love seeing flowers tumbling together and your combinations are spectacular. I loved the gold dust ginger too - such an unusual plant and very pretty!

  4. So glad you got some rain! Your gardens look great. You have so much talent with design! I loved every view and every picture!