June 8, 2015

Blurring the lines...

I've got some great neighbors, but I love my privacy.  The front porch is pretty well screened by a wall of Viburnum, the back deck is privatized on one side by my garden shed and the other by English Dogwood and Turks Cap.  Some areas just lack background bones...I've got plants that need scenery behind them, other than the neighbors' what-have-you.  Here's just one of my problem areas.  This bed starts as I come out of my vegetable garden, on the back of the property.

To the left of this fence sits a humongous boat... I can't develop this area yet, just trying to improve the other end of this flower bed.

Bleeding Heart Vine, which ends this run.

Mix of caladiums, coleus, hostas and other shade loving plants.  This bed gets no sun.  I hate this bed...hate the rocks, hate that the plants look squished into a too-tight area.  Can't expand to the right as that area is the driveway which leads to the Honey's shop.

This is where the Bleeding Heart Vine and the rock bed meet, two separate beds that I would like to flow together.

So, we removed the rocks...
took out the sod and re- shaped the bed.

Tomorrow...plants for the background (whatever can live sans sunshine) and a yard of compost.  I'll probably do a border, spread the existing plants around and see what I come up with.  Although I know I won't get complete privacy, maybe I can blur the lines a little.  At the least, it will give the area a softer look. 

A complete change of subject now...the hare and the tortoise

This little guy surprised me the other morning as I was heading out with coffee. 

Of course, he darted away as soon as I opened the door.

Not really a tortoise, just a streaky head turtle from the lake...

Laying eggs,  a week or so ago.

Unfortunately, something found the nest a couple nights later, and her efforts were in vain.  We have raccoons, as well as armadillos, but I think the raccoons would have eaten the entire egg.  Perhaps the armadillo accidentally destroyed the nest, some nights it seems they dig up half my gardens...but, that's a story for a different day.

If I see another 'momma' making a nest, I'm going to cage over it.  May or may not work, but at least I'll try.


  1. Hi Janice, It does seem that some beds are harder to do than others. I love the new flow of your garden bed. I can just picture your caladiums spread around in the new bed. Your English dogwood is gorgeous. Ours bloom a lot earlier here in the central part of the state. Can't wait to see your completed bed. Please post it.

    1. Yes, some beds border on impossible! I envy your privacy fence...perfect backdrop for plants. If my present neighbors move, we'll install one before we get to know the new neighbors, hate to hurt feelings.

  2. Your new bed is lovely with the curved edge. How wonderful that you have so many critters visiting!

    1. We're on a canal of a small lake, so the water is a magnet for the critters. Love most of them, could do without the armadillos.

  3. Hi :) Visiting from the Maple Hill blog hop. What beautiful flowers and plants you have, especially the bleeding heart vine, so pretty.

  4. Your plants look wonderful... so much beauty there... and I like the idea of having good neighbors.. and also having privacy. :)

  5. Yes, sometimes privacy, like fences, makes good neighbors. Thanks for visiting and for the nice compliments.