March 31, 2016

Savoring Spring

I'm enjoying every moment of this spring!  Each morning something new escapes from winter's grasp, much to my delight.  Flower beds have fresh mulch, the vegetables are planted, and a few annuals have gone in here and work is done.  Now, I'm just enjoying the coming out party.

'Climbing Iceberg' Rose

Most of my roses are covered with buds, but still only a few are blooming.  This is 'Autumn Sunset'.

'Don Juan' Rose

Desert Roses are blooming too.

First red daylily to bloom is 'Challenger'.

Also, out in the front garden, the Red-Leaf Plum trees are blooming...

I'm at the southern end of their growing range, so I don't expect fruit.  I planted them for their red foliage.

Beautiful morning...

Agapanthus and Daylilies are ready to burst.  I should have separated a few
 of the Agapanthus clumps, as some are nearly four foot year, on my list. 

One of the new beds this year has been planted with an array of seeds...Zinnias, Tithonia, Purple Coneflower, and probably some surprises.

A sweet garden adornment, from a sweet sister-in-law.

Under the oaks, the shade gardens are slowly beginning to fill.  I'm in no hurry, as I'm enjoying watching each Caladium leaf unfurl.  Hostas are popping up everywhere, and I'm glad I took the time last year to divide them ...wish I'd gotten around to those Agapanthus.

 Hostas are emerging at the front of the bed, and many more will follow.  In just as few short weeks, you won't be able to see the ground in any of the shade gardens.  I won't say, 'I can't wait'...because I'm making a conscious effort to enjoy spring slowly this year.

Rex Begonia

Farfugium japonica,  or 'tractor seat', is going to do well in my shade garden.  This plant was purchased in February, setting new blooms now.

Long post, but I have to include a few birds.  Red-Bellied Woodpecker, male, in our oak...

His mate in the feeder.  Subtle difference in their red caps , his being larger.

Pileated Woodpecker

Female, because of the black forehead.

Female Wood Duck...she's been coming to the box each morning.  After checking everything out, she goes inside, presumably to lay an egg.

Her mate swims around in the canal, waiting for her to get through.  This was the first time I've been able to get a picture of his 'good' side, with his long crest revealed.

Resident, Carolina Wren, singing joyfully.

Thank you for visiting.  I hope your spring is wondrous, and you are all doing well.


  1. This is such a beautiful post. Your photography is wonderful. My favorite pictures are the one with the wren singing and the one with the crinum lilies against the picket fence. And of course the wood ducks are just amazing!

  2. I am anxiously awaiting the Agapanthus to appear as well! Your garden spaces are so well designed. I sure wish I had your talent for that.
    Love the roses edging nearer the gazebo, the sign is darling and those ducks are just amazing!
    Looks like spring has made its way to your neck of the woods! Enjoy!

    1. Spring is absolutely here! I'm seeing more butterflies every day, as I'm sure you are...hummers too. Have a great weekend, Daisy. Thanks for the kind comments. _Janice

  3. It is always a delightful treat to visit your gardens and see what is going on there. Your photography is wonderful.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  4. You"re so right Janice. Spring is meant to be savored. And you have a lot of beauty to savor. I love the photo with the crinum lilies and the pot in the center - very pretty. Also like the placement of the bicycle. Would love to see a closeup and see what plants you planted in it. I do wish my mulching duties were done, but I'm procrastinating because It's not my favorite job. Continue savorimg your garden - it's beautiful!

    1. Susan, the bicycle may grow in o.k. eventually, but it's not my best project. The greenery is mostly houseplant material. I could have had more plant choices if I put it in the sun, but I'm not willing to water it daily. You're so right about mulching, it's a chore I don't relish either. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. _Janice

  5. As always such a treat to visit your garden Janice! Its all looking so lovely. I love Mrs Wood Duck..she is just so cute. I hope all continues to go well with her egg laying. Enjoy your lovely garden this week! :-)

    1. Thanks Kate. The ducks are the cutest couple ever...he escorts her to the box every morning, then waits for her down in the water. Hope you're having a great weekend. _Janice

  6. Hi Eli...thanks for all the kind comments. I've been very lucky with the veggies the past two years. I haven't been bothered by insects at all, knock on wood. However, while weeds were nonexistent in the new soil last year, they're showing up this season big time. Hope you get fair weather tomorrow...happy gardening. _Janice

  7. Hi Janice! Oh, your garden is looking glorious, as always! And I'm loving your new garden adornment - I hadn't seen that garden phrase before - so funny! And your bird photos are wonderful! You captured that very cute little Carolina Wren in such a great pose...they sing so beautifully. Love them all! :)

  8. Hell-o Lynn, I've been missing you. I see you posted something, so I'm gonna scoot over there and see what's up. _Janice