September 29, 2015

Central Florida Garden~A Typical Day

We've had a mix of sun and clouds this morning, clouds finally won out.  I was outside early, trying to get a list of things done that I've been working on the last few weeks, but this thing called life, keeps drawing me away.  Thankfully, fall weather is just around the corner, and the gardens will need less of me.  I had just finished thinning the mustard and turnip greens when the sky opened, no more work for today...

I got a nice bowl of greens that I'll mix in with the collards that I thinned yesterday.  I wanted to get some pics of the vegetable garden, but the rain looks like it's set in for a while.

Earlier today, I walked the front yard and found this Autumn Sunset rose full of blooms, in different stages...

She's under planted with Angelonia.

Louis Philippe, on the fence, is a good rose for Florida.  He does get some black spot, but not enough to affect his performance as a beautiful bloomer.

On the other end of this fence, another OGR that was given to me as a small cutting, just two years ago.

Knockout rose.

A Gene Boerner tree rose, by the front porch.

Some more Knockout roses, with Belinda's Dream rose in the background.

The last rose today is an unnamed drift rose.

I recently bought two new Hibiscus shrubs,  $3.88 at Walmart!  I'm trying to incorporate more shrubs into my gardens, for their easy care.  I love a good perennial, and I have a nice variety of Salvias, that I wouldn't give up.  I'm eliminating some other less worthy perennials though, because dead heading has become a dreaded chore during Florida's summer months.

One I've had for several years.

Two other flowering shrubs. the yellow Thryallis and the blue Cleodendrum 'Ugandense'.

My Sasanqua Camellias are just beginning to bloom.  I have two large ones that I pruned into trees, years ago.  I also have about a dozen others, shrub types, full of buds, ready to explode.  They grow beautifully in Florida, some of mine are in full sun...not to be confused with the Japonica Camellia, which needs a shady area.  One of the trees...

It's flower...

Flower from the other Camellia tree.

Down by the vegetable garden, the Mexican Bush Sage and Knockout roses are still in full bloom.

Some Mexican Petunias in the mix.

Blue Ginger not only has a beautiful bloom, but it lasts for weeks.

Lastly, this bee was running around in circles (like me, at times) on my Clematis.

That's all from my garden today... have a wonderful week.

September 18, 2015

At last...sweet potatoes!

Today was the moment of truth...did I have sweet potatoes, or just a big mess of vines?  I've never grown them before, so I waited out the months just hoping something was happening under the tangle of foliage.  I planted 9 vines in half of a 3' x 12' bed, okra got the other half.

First peek under the exciting!  

I think it's a decent yield for a small space.

First bucket.

I've taken over my Honey's work table in his shop.  They'll cure here for a while.

This is what else is going on in my vegetable patch, which was planted Monday.  First, an array of greens...


Five different kinds of lettuce...

I also have cabbage, tomatoes, and squash planted.  I hope to get onions put in this week.

Now for some color!  I was doing a  little clean up in the shade gardens this morning, after digging the potatoes.  The coleus are so beautiful this time of year, I want to share some of my favorites.

OK, I'll stop.  I have to show you just one more...remember this little guy that seeded in a rock...I posted him in spring.

I don't know how he keeps growing, he's rooted in the moss on the rock, but here he is.

Just a few pictures of the shade gardens that are thriving in our wetter, slightly cooler, weather.

Good bye for now~happy gardening.