March 14, 2016

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day ~ March 2016 ~ Central Florida

Spring is wondrous!  Even though we're still five days away from the official first day of spring, my garden is awakening from it's winter slumber. 

Pink Crinum Lily

My roses were pruned very hard four weeks ago, so most are just setting buds now.  Belinda's Dream is one of the few that are blooming now, she's to the left in photo...

Yangtze Daylilies have already begun, they're an early season bloomer - too early, as I haven't gotten all the foliage cleaned up yet.

This past Saturday was the Master Gardener's Spring festival for our area.  My daughter bought me this lovely Passion Vine, I'm hoping it hosts lots of butterflies.

Here's a couple other roses just beginning to bloom, first , Iceberg Climber on top of the gazebo...

Next, a little drift rose.  I believe next month will be the 'WOW' time for the roses in my gardens. 

First Gerbera Daisy of the year.

Also, the first Desert Rose bloom.

I have a six Saucer Magnolias (M. x soulangeana) on the property,  most blooming right now.  Two are a different variety and are just beginning to color up.

These begonias are a favorite of mine, the flowers will eventually be carried on stems ranging from 12 to 18 inches.  

Lots of Impatiens roaming around the shade beds.

Plans for tomorrow are to finish planting the vegetable garden and plant a cutting garden - mostly Zinnias, Tithonia, and Coneflower.  I wish you all beautiful blooms, and a wondrous spring.  To enjoy blooms from around the world, visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. So many wonderful blooms. My GBBD was of tiny specimens emerging from the ground. Your photos are lovely and give me something to look forward to up here in the midwest (Still bundling up to walk the garden)

  2. Good luck with the soulangeana! We only had two nights that hovered around freezing this winter, and they're blooming better than ever.

  3. Oh, gosh, those crinum lilies next to the picket fence--how gorgeous! Those pictures belong in a magazine. The flowers are such a beautiful pink.

    Your garden is glorious, so tidy and perfect. It's a real inspiration to me. Happy spring!

  4. Such a wonderful garden! How fantastic to be surrounded by so much color! Looking forward to hearing about your veggies. I hope you'll share this beautiful outdoor post on this week's Maple Hill Hop!

    1. Thanks Daisy. Oh yes, I had a full day of planting veggie seeds I'm resting.

  5. Oh so beautiful! Walking around your gardens must be such a joy. 6 magnolias, wow. I love it all. Once again I am inspired by visiting here.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

    1. Lorraine, thank you. It is a joy to be outside each day, especially hard to stay indoors this time of year. Enjoy this beautiful season before the heat comes, and we know it will. _Janice

  6. Gorgeous colors! I do hope the passion plant does well for you.

    1. Hi Betty! Oh yes, I hope so too, especially since it's a gift from my daughter. I just hope she understands when the caterpillars start chewing on it.

  7. Such a pretty garden Janice. I love all the spring flowers - the magnolias are gorgeous but those Pink Crinums are truly stunning! How lovely to have such beautiful color. I'm sure you will love all the butterfly activity on your Passion Vine. I'm amazed by how many of the Zebra Longwings I get on mine!
    Lovely as always!
    Have a great weekend.

    - Kate x

  8. Kate, Zebra Longwings are exactly what I want, so I hope my vine attracts as many as yours. Thanks for all your lovely compliments. Happy gardening. _Janice