February 21, 2016

This Is For the Birds

This is for the birds, literally!  They're providing color in my garden, while the landscape is still dreary.  When spring arrives I won't have the luxury of sitting quietly waiting on them to appear, so I'm enjoying them now.  We have lots of cardinals, first to the feeders in the morning and the last to leave at night.

The Common Ground-Dove are much smaller than Mourning Doves.  We have a pair of these that always nest inside the gazebo.

This cool guy is a Gray Catbird.

A Goldfinch and friends.

Our state bird, the Mockingbird.  This one is very ornery, she patrols our front yard and constantly puts the Bluebirds to rout.


We have one lone Robin that has been here since the first of January.  The Mockingbird chases him off every morning, but he always returns.

A favorite of mine, small bird with a big voice...Carolina Wren.

I walked down by the water today, hoping to find a water bird.  Tibouchina is still blooming down there...

And, there was a bird, a Great Egret.  I learned today the only difference between the Snowy and the Great Egret is the color of their feet.  They both have black legs, but the Great also has black feet, while the Snowy has bright yellow feet.  This guy is a Great Egret...

He was also an excellent fisher, evidenced by what's in his mouth.

I hope you are all enjoying whatever you're doing.  Spring is just around the corner...I can almost feel it.


  1. Love bird pics, and you got some great ones. I was just thinking today how many birds are out and about in winter. They're so much fun to watch.

  2. Fantastic bird photos Janice! You have some beauties in your garden and how clever to be able to get a photo of a catbird as they are so shy. I loved the picture of the Great Egret with the fish in its beak too.
    Really lovely! xx

  3. Janice, your bird pictures are just delightful. I really enjoyed this post. The little doves are so cute, and I love the cardinal with his mouth full!

  4. You have some wonderful company there! How fabulous that you captured the egret while it was fishing! Beautiful images, Janice. Enjoy your day!

  5. Great pictures and wonderful info regarding the egrets. I will have to pay closer attention to the ones showing up again in our back yard by the lake and check out their feet :) . They and the ibis are returning to our island again to nest. The herons are back to nest building, I love it as Spring nears and these incredible birds show off their beauty and charm!

  6. Janice, how many beautiful birds you have in your gardens! That's really cool that you have egrets -- I don't think we have those here. And your cardinal is such a stunningly bright color -- it's nice to see it and the purple Tibouchina flowers. I hope your spring comes soon for you. Take care, -Beth

  7. What beautiful sights! The birds are so pretty, especially the egret.