June 10, 2015

Incredible Edibles...


The vegetable garden has been a delight this year!  We have had verticillium wilt attack out tomatoes for the last ten years, each year killing more bushes.  What stinks about the wilt is that your bush will be just beautiful and beginning to bear , then uh-oh,  what's going on here.  The plant begins to wilt and no amount of water will rescue it.  Planting tomatoes tagged as disease resistant hasn't helped, (guess what, tomatoes can't read).  A few bushes would always make it and provide us enough for our purposes, but I just love having enough to share.  This year we went to raised beds, filled with good compost.  The beds weren't ready in time for the tomatoes, so they went in boxes with the same compost.  Not just our tomatoes, but all all veggies look so much healthier than they ever did when we planted in-ground.

Tomatoes are outside the garden...
Trying to get into the garden.
Lots of tomatoes left,  for Florida, in June.
Enter the garden last month...

Very prim and proper. 

The garden today...

In the forefront is cowhorn okra, which can get 8-10 inches long, and still be perfectly tender.  I save this seed every year, not only because it's so good, but because it was given to me by my precious mother-in-law.  She taught me how to put in a garden, among many other things.  She's gone, but her okra lives on.  I know that she would be proud that I have continued in her gardening ways.

I suppose it looks like a cow horn.
Sweet potatoes, lots of beans, cucumbers and cantaloupe.  I hope your gardens, whether veggies or flowers, are bringing you joy.


  1. What a beautiful, well tended, garden.

  2. Yes, yout garden is beAutiful and overflowing with veggies, especially the tomatoes. Enjoy!

    1. We (us, neighbors, family and extended family) are enjoying tomatoes. We have been blessed with a bountiful crop this year.

  3. Wow! That's some long okra! Your beds look so abundant! Do you use any type of fertilizer or compost after they start producing?
    How wonderful for you to have those precious seeds. Your mother-in-law would be so proud.

    1. I put the garden in with 10-10-10 and side dress with it again about mid-season. Our first year with raised beds has been such a success.