January 15, 2016

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day~January 2016~Central Florida

Cool days, the bluest of skies overhead, and the sun shining in all it's splendor...that's Central Florida in January.  A few dreary days are quickly forgotten, when another perfect day is always just around the corner.  This past week was the closest we've come to winter weather though,  I actually wore real shoes for a couple of days, instead of flip-flops.  A few tender plants, mostly annuals, are beginning to look the worse for wear, but roses are still blooming freely...

'Don Juan' Rose


'Louis Philippe' Rose

'Iceberg, Cl.'  on the gazebo.

Against the sky...

Gloriosa Lilies 


One last bloom around the gazebo, a lovely, fragrant gardenia.

My largest Japonica Camellia is just beginning to bloom.  I believe this is 'Desire'.

Out front a Sasanqua Camellia, 'Cotton Candy'.

Hibiscus blooms always look like 'summer' to me...

Pentas are blooming everywhere, and still attracting an array of butterflies.

'Yangtze' daylily, confused by our weather.

'Black and Blue' Sage.

My last bloom, the tiniest...Purple Queen.

Happy Bloggers Bloom Day!  To enjoy blooms from around the world, visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. All beautiful, but it is the roses that really catch my attention!

  2. What lovely flowers you have in your gardens! Those hibiscus are truly amazing. And I'm so glad that you're enjoying such nice weather for spending time outdoors among all your beautiful plants. Thanks for sharing this breath of summer with us winter-bound folks! :-) -Beth

  3. Your roses are magnificent. I do love that hibiscus. In fact, all your blooms are lovely. I see that we do have several plants in common.

  4. What lovely color you still have. Can you believe the butterflies are still hanging around? I don't remember a past winter seeing so many. We are enjoying them sailing through the garden. Get your blanket ready, it's gonna get cooler on Monday!

  5. Your roses are fabulous, Janice! I particularly like 'Louis Phillipe'. People usually tell me that my winter SoCal garden makes them think of spring but we've got nothing on you, particularly this year when we've had an unusually long stretch of cold (for us) temperatures. There are no gardenias or Hibiscus blooming here!

  6. As always, your blooms, especially your roses & camellias are beautiful.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  7. The blooms in your garden are beautiful Janice, especially the roses. Thank you for coming by to visit my garden. I enjoyed my visit to yours!

  8. Hello Janice! Your garden is as pretty as ever - it's like a spring time garden with everything flowering. Your camellias are all still looking fabulous - it really seems to have been a great winter for them don't you think and they have just gone on and on - love them! Your roses are absolutely fantastic. The Louis Philippe and the Don Juan look really spectacular against the white backgrounds. Your garden must make your neighbors turn green with envy!! Lol!
    - Kate xx

  9. Janice, Your garden looks stunning. We have been lucky that our winter has been very mild, and I'm hoping that will last another 6 weeks. I thought you were further north of me but realized you aren't when I received the black eyed Susan seeds. Thanks again for generously sharing some with me. I look forward to growing them. I hope your garden will be safe this coming Monday and Tuesdsy nights.

  10. Janice - I bet your roses stop traffic!!! I would definitely be stopping to look at your beautiful garden - everything looks glorious! You've even got gardenia blooming - I can't get mine to bloom until March...what's your secret? :) I chuckled when you said you wore "real" shoes - I did too this week. Felt so funny, lol!

  11. We definitely have similar kind of plant Janice! It's summer there too!

  12. I love the way the Iceberg roses look against your gazebo. And the old-fashioned gloriosa lilies with the stained glass and weathered wood--what a charming scene. Your garden is always an inspiration!