September 8, 2015

Late Summer Garden, In Central Florida

Life has been a little busy, as of late.  It's been over two weeks since I posted anything, but I haven't been doing much gardening.  September, so far, feels exactly like August, hot and humid.  We had two wind storms over the last few days, which blew a lot of small branches out of our oaks.  Some of the taller coleus were uprooted, and other plants in the shade gardens got broken down, by the fallen branches.  Thankfully, nothing that couldn't be fixed, just a lot of clean up.  A few roses are blooming...

 Belinda's Dream

Angel Face

Gold Glow

A double, pink Knockout

On the way back to the vegetable garden, the Mexican Bush Sage is just beginning to show off.  This has to be one of my favorite fall bloomers, it  also blooms in spring, but not so abundantly.  

My Desert Rose, which I find does best when I ignore it, is blooming now.

The 'wild' hibiscus and shrub hibiscus have been constant bloomers all summer.

Clerodendrum 'Ugandense', never quits blooming either.

Still, my favorite bloom of all is my Blue Ginger flower.

Just beginning to erupt...

Other purple blooms...



In the shade gardens,the shorter coleus were able to withstand the winds,and are still going strong.  Curcumas are still happily blooming.

The Christia abcordata, "Swallowtail Plant", was undamaged also.

The last thing I have to share is the 'start' of my fall veggie garden,  a flat of tomatoes that I planted several weeks ago.  They should be ready for the garden by late September.  I don't usually start tomatoes from seed, but the plants are getting so expensive.

Thank you for visiting my garden.  I hope you and your gardens are doing well.


  1. Your roses look like summer has not affected them at all. I do love the Mexican Bush Sage. I used to have several in a large island bed and I love their particular color of purple -it's just stunning. You have a nice large patch of them which really grabs the eye. What's your secret for growing the desert rose. My mother gave me her very old plant and all the leaves promptly fell off. I do see a tiny new leaf emerging so I am sweet talking it every time I pass by it.

  2. Hi Susan, don't worry about your desert rose...mine has completely defoliated several times this year. I have two, five year old plants, that I used to try to pamper. Now, they are out in the garden, dependent on the rain, and do so much better. If I have to put them in the garage during winter, they defoliate then too...come right back in spring.

  3. Wow, great beauties growing in your gardens.

    I have the Mexican bush sage and hope it does well for me. Yours look fantastic. Do you root cuttings from them?


    1. Hi Lorraine. I did do cuttings a few years ago, I started with three plants. They root easily,but wow, they take up a lot of space when they get going. They're worth it though, beautiful color in fall.

  4. Your garden has such an array of colors! We will soon be enjoying the cooler fall temperatures and be able to get out into the garden more. Looking forward to seeing your garden change with the seasons...

    1. Yes, fall brings a lot of good things. I'm looking forward to getting my vegetable garden going and my Sasanqua camellias are budding up beautifully.

  5. I really like your Mexican bush sage--it is stunning. I did a little research and I found out it's hardy in my area, so I definitely want to try it. I read it's great for butterflies!

  6. That's the way I want my Salvia to look, next year. Thank you for coming to visit my blog.

    Have you tried rooting suckers from the axils of tomato plants? One plant will make many plants.

    1. Thanks Jean. I haven't tried that, but I will now.

  7. Thanks Janice. I won't worry too much about it. I would hate to lose it.