Garden On Fourth Street

Hi, I'm Janice, welcome to my garden blog.  I've been gardening on this three quarters of an acre for 19 years.  It's a hot, humid, zone 9 garden, in Central Florida.  Yes, I grow some Florida-friendly plants, but I also like to test a plants comfort level.  It still thrills me to take a small cutting and watch it replicate its parents charm, and I'll never tire of seeing a tiny seed mature into a full blown beauty.  Let me always garden!  

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We bought this property in 1995, we moved into our home the summer of 1996.  The property was bare except for the oaks and some myrtles by the water.

My vegetable garden is now planted to the right of the boat ramp.

Our home is situated in the middle of the property, just about where my husband is piling branches.  Gardens began right away, as I had brought a lot of plants with me, from the home we moved from.  Through the years, my gardens have never stayed static, I've done everything from xeriscaping to cottage gardens.  For now, I've settled on  a somewhat 'cottage' look in the front sun beds.  My shade beds are all a little exuberant with color, but that's me.  Gardening is not about creating something you see in a magazine, it's about you.  Plant what you love, if it needs extra care, so be it.  Chances are, you'll take better care of your garden, if it's your vision.



To Be Continued...

2016 ~ Spring ~ Awakening

May 2016

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