August 23, 2017

Central Florida...Butterflies & Blooms

Butterflies reign over my gardens this summer!  We watch spellbound, as though our watchfulness will deter them from abandoning our offerings.  Now, you can rightly surmise that we are oldsters, easily entertained.  Salvias, firebush, pentas, Mexican sunflowers, and pagoda plants surround our front porch where we enjoy our morning coffee, awaiting their arrival.  They have varied tastes, but the pagodas and sunflowers seem to be favored.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail...pagoda plant

Giant Swallowtail...pagoda plant

Giant Swallowtail and Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

And now, matching bookends.

Pagoda plants also entice our hummingbirds.

Our Passionflower Vines and Milkweed have hosted lots of Gulf Fritillary and Zebra Longwing caterpillars.  This one was just drying its wings one morning, after emerging from its chrysalis.

Mexican Tithonias are always decorated with Zebra Longwing and Gulf Fritillaries.

Coneflowers are another attraction...

Last butterfly picture, I promise.  There were six Gulf Fritillaries on this Penta, but I could only get four to sit still.

I haven't posted since the middle of June so the following photos will give you an idea of what's been blooming the last two months.  Gingers have done really well since drought conditions are over...

Disney Ginger

A variety of Curcuma Gingers

Angel's Trumpet


Gloriosa Lilies

Shade gardens, always colorful.

Blue Ginger, blooming favorite ginger!

Thanks for visiting.  See you in Fall.