June 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day~June 2015~Central Florida

My first 'bloom day' since I started my garden blog, exciting.  I went out early to beat the sun, but it was up in all its glory before too long.

Curcumas have just begun blooming this last week.

The roses are mostly in between their cycle, here's what is blooming...

'Red Cascade' on the front fence, she has no cycle.  Once she begins, she's full on, all summer.

'Gold Glow'

'Angel Face'

'Valentines Day'.

'Autumn Sunset'

Daylilies ('Hemerocallis'). and other lilies in bloom...

'Pandora's Box'

Not sure which red this is.

'Kwanso' doubles are still going strong. and my shadow.

'Blood Lily" (Scadoxus Multiflorus).

'Lily of the Nile' or 'Agapanthus'.

Also in white. 

Toad Lily (Tricyrtis Formosana).

It's June in Florida, everything's blooming!  I could go on all day, but here's just a few more...

African Daisy (Osteospermum x hybrid).


Blue Butterfly bloom.

Blue Butterfly Bush (Clerodendrum Ugandense).

Crown Of Thorns (Euphorbia Milii).

Last, but certainly beautiful...Cowhorn Okra bloom.

Hope everyone had a lovely 'June bloom' day and  your gardens are meeting all your expectations.


  1. So many gorgeous blooms! Would you be willing to swap seeds? I'd love to have some of the white agapanthus.
    I hope you'll come share this wonderful post on Tuesday's Maple Hill Hop! Enjoy all of your lovelies!

    1. Thanks, Daisy. I will save the seeds for you. IF I remember to harvest them. I haven't forgotten that I'm going to save you some 'black eyed susan' vine seeds also.

  2. Your roses are beautiful! I've had such a lubber problem this year(yes,I used Nolo Bait) they're eating my roses.Ugh!
    Love all your blooms.

    1. Thanks so much. Sorry about those nasty lubbers...we have them also, but we just pick and step on them. I know, so gross. Right now they like my crinums better than my roses, when they first emerged this spring they completely defoliated my amaryllises. You do have the most beautiful plumerias though!

  3. I don't think it's exactly the same but Kwanso looks nearly identical to the wild lilies that grow here in Maine. We often refer to them as ditch lilies because they grow along the side of rural roads. They're one of my favorite flowers of summer.

    1. Robin, you're exactly right...the Kwanso, other than being a double and more ruffled, looks just like the single petalled 'ditch' lily. I have both. Here in Florida, we also refer to the single form as 'tawny' daylily. I love the old fashioned daylilies, the hybrids are pretty, just a little fancy for me.

  4. Hi Janice! Your garden is so gorgeous! I adore the toad lily especially! And the beautiful blue butterfly bush! It's so hot down here already, I've pretty much given up gardening for the rainy season. I love seeing all your lovely blooms! :)

    1. Thanks Lynn. I love the toad lily and butterfly bush also...purple and blues are my favorites in the garden. We've had the heat (98 for the last few days), but not much rain. I agree, it' getting to be the time of year to take a little break.

  5. Wow, you have some wonderful blooms happening in your gardens. I LOVE that toad lily, what a sweet beauty.

    The summer heat and humidity hit early, but we still have to get out there to take care of things, the earlier the better for me.

    I just started following you via email so that I can keep up with what's going on in your Florida gardens.


    1. Thank you , Lorraine. The toad lily is one of my favorites also, I'm a sucker for anything blue or purple in the garden.

      You're so right, we gardeners have to get out there and maintain, no matter the weather. Like you, I try to get in a little each morning, maybe a tad in the late afternoon.

      Thanks for following me, I've got you on my 'favorite blog list'. I love the Florida garden blogs, there's such a diversity of plants throughout the state.