June 30, 2015

Ramblings, from my Central Florida garden...

I went out early this morning, intending to garden for just a few hours.  As it turned out, I worked until noon, lunched on the back deck, then continued to work a few more hours.  What the heck, I was already dirty anyway.  At my house, sometimes it's good to be dirty.  My Honey and I have an unwritten rule that whoever's cleanest, goes inside to prepare lunch.  I had planted some new curcumas and hostas and put out a couple yards of mulch.  Yes, I was filthy.  I did find a new bloom in the garden today, a Disney ginger.

Gingers have become a favorite of mine, they're so easy.  They return faithfully every year,  need  little water.  My Pine Cone gingers are located in a spot that is not covered by our irrigation system, they survive just on rainfall.

The cones will be all pretty and red next month.

The vegetable garden is a different story, the beans and cucumbers are still demanding water.  The tomato bushes look terrible.   I threatened to pull them a couple weeks ago, but somehow they keep producing a few good tomatoes, and I keep giving them a reprieve.  

The Cow Horn okra is over my head and producing like crazy.  Why I started a new stand of  Clemson Spineless okra, I don't know.  I just couldn't stand seeing a bare spot, after we pulled the corn.  I have so enjoyed gardening in my new raised beds this year,  the composted beds have made such a difference.  Just a few short weeks ago, this is what my vegetable garden looked like. 

Beans, and more beans.  While we're here in the veggies,  I'll show you where my garden is situated on the property.  Our lot is 100' x 320', and our house is just about in the middle.  Our home is facing south and we are bordered in the back by a canal, leading out to a small lake.  Our irrigation pump is fed by the lake, a very big blessing.  This is looking out my vegetable garden gate, toward the house. 
The veggie garden is in the very back corner and the canal is right behind it.

Canal, looking over the back garden fence.

Gazebo at the end of the dock.

Looking south again, toward my garden shop and house.

The water, as it always does, brings all kinds of wildlife around.  In May of this year, I  saw something that I had not seen in the 19 years that we've lived here.  Sandhill Cranes are common around our neighborhood, in and out of yards, up and down the cul-de-sac, but I had never seen them in the water.  I'm probably the only person in the world that didn't know they swim...

A beautiful family.

Once we saw them, they came by every afternoon for awhile, and I always intended to get some better photos.

Since this post has been such a mixed bag, I'll end with the random gifts my garden so graciously gives to me.  Beauty, that I could not design...

A small coleus seeded in a beautiful mossy rock.

Beautiful ferns, freely given.

Another 'lovely', self-seeded.

Random acts of kindness.


 Pot, decorated by nature.  Hope you are all having a great week!

June 25, 2015

Favorite summer plants~in my Central Florida garden...

To be a 'favorite' plant  in Central Florida, you have to stand up to our heat and humidity.  Daylilies always, and another is the White Gaura.  I have it everywhere, so lovely when the breeze sets her in motion.  Deadheading is simple, cut all the spent flowers at once, when they slow down, and it will repeat bloom beautifully.  I've planted several of the pink variety, but they've never returned after winter.  You just get so many chances in my garden, so, white it is from now on.

Another gaura. tucked in on the left.

My hydrangeas are changing from their beautiful spring blue to the mauves of summer.  They are still setting a few new blooms, the gardener just needs to deadhead, and I will, right after I catch up on the roses.

The shade garden is the heart of the garden for me.  To be present when the first rays of sunlight penetrate the canopy, and dust the leaves with golden sunshine, is quietude at its best.  

Caladiums, hostas, coleus, curcumas, bleeding hearts, you name it, if it loves shade, I love it.

Just a few more blooms...

My only hibiscus plant.

I have several gardenias in the garden.

Pentas, always great for summer.  Look closely, and you'll see a Gulf  Fritillary  butterfly enjoying them.  Have a great day, whatever you're doing...hope it includes gardening.

June 21, 2015

Summer Solstice in Central Florida...just another hot day.

The garden is weary of the oppressing heat, as is the gardener.  The clouds gather each afternoon, teasing us with the prospect of a refreshing deluge.  Rumbles of thunder roll through the skies, and I anticipate a lovely, drenching rain...none comes.  The clouds, heavy with the waters that are needed to revive the exhausted garden, go rejuvenate a garden elsewhere.  Our time will come.

There are some plants in the garden that are thriving in this all day, every day, full sun.  Okra, beans and sweet potatoes don't mind at all, but the tomatoes have given up.  Crape myrtles are just beginning to bloom and the gingers are flourishing.  The roses, though, are a sad lot.  Their blooms are faded before they can be enjoyed.  Daylilies , before midday, are sun bleached.  But, I live in Florida and I wouldn't trade it for anywhere.  It has been a hotter than normal spring for us here in Central Florida, perhaps summer will be more temperate.

Heat loving blooms...

Aloe embraces this hot weather, and the 'hummers' are grateful.

Marigolds just keep on , keeping on.

White Gaura

Shade blooms...


And another.

Beautiful faces in the shade...caladiums.

And, a few more blooms...

Crown of Thorns.


Clematis 'Ramona'

Surprise of the morning~

I often find them sleeping in the daylilies, but this was a first 'doze in a rose' I've seen.  Happy gardening.

June 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day~June 2015~Central Florida

My first 'bloom day' since I started my garden blog, exciting.  I went out early to beat the sun, but it was up in all its glory before too long.

Curcumas have just begun blooming this last week.

The roses are mostly in between their cycle, here's what is blooming...

'Red Cascade' on the front fence, she has no cycle.  Once she begins, she's full on, all summer.

'Gold Glow'

'Angel Face'

'Valentines Day'.

'Autumn Sunset'

Daylilies ('Hemerocallis'). and other lilies in bloom...

'Pandora's Box'

Not sure which red this is.

'Kwanso' doubles are still going strong. and my shadow.

'Blood Lily" (Scadoxus Multiflorus).

'Lily of the Nile' or 'Agapanthus'.

Also in white. 

Toad Lily (Tricyrtis Formosana).

It's June in Florida, everything's blooming!  I could go on all day, but here's just a few more...

African Daisy (Osteospermum x hybrid).


Blue Butterfly bloom.

Blue Butterfly Bush (Clerodendrum Ugandense).

Crown Of Thorns (Euphorbia Milii).

Last, but certainly beautiful...Cowhorn Okra bloom.

Hope everyone had a lovely 'June bloom' day and  your gardens are meeting all your expectations.