May 31, 2015

While waiting on the rain...

We enjoyed some beautiful rain yesterday afternoon, and it's threatening to storm in our area again today.  It will be most welcome, as it's too hot to even go outside to water pots.  I did go out this morning for a while, deadheaded some roses, fertilized a few things.  There's always something to do in the garden, but isn't that why most of us have gardens?  When it gets too hot,  I can always slip into my garden shed and get a respite from the heat.  Love to sit in there and update my calendar of 'things to do', and plan things to come.  Trying to decide where I can place a potting bench that will be shaded and have access to water.  Something else to see if my 'builder of all things' will let me add to his ever-growing list.

My area is the small building on the right.
Come in, see my space.
A cabinet my Honey made me back when I was loving everything country.  Now it stores fertilizers and such.

Enamel top table.  The 'furniture' in here is all old, found or homemade.
More good storage in another old cabinet that remains from my antiquing days.
Dragonfly lights, of course.

We have lots of birdhouses in the garden, several occupied at the time.  Wrens, Bluebirds, Tufted Titmouse, Carolina Chickadee, and Flycatchers use the houses, but the other birds prefer the bushes and trees.  A few of  the houses...

My Honey built  the houses , all of them out of scrap wood.  Painting was my job.
Bluebird feeding little ones.

One more... then it's time to go out and water a few things.  The rain missed us today. If you need rain, I hope it found your garden.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, REALLY love your birdhouses! Ever think about selling them on Etsy? My better half has made me several out of his leftover wood . . . but nothing like these beauties. And your garden shed? No wonder you started a blog ~ you've got a little piece of paradise there. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  2. And is that clematis I see growing on one? That's it. . . I am officially and totally envious.

    1. Thanks again for the kind words, and yes, that is a clematis. I have several large flowered ones, a couple Ramonas and a couple Jackmaniis, then a few more I started just this year. It takes a few years for them to become a decent plant, but I'm a patient gardener. The best part is that they're from Walmart for about 5 bucks...they put them out in the spring when they put out the packaged caladiums and what not. As far as the birdhouses go, my husband enjoys building anything, but when you're building things for sale it takes the fun out of it...people tend to look for perfection.

  3. Janice - you've really done up your blog so nicely! I love these click on the photos for a little journey through your garden. And your husband is truly talented, I think the birdhouses are grand and I understand what you mean about people looking for perfection - but I'd just state that the little imperfections are part of the charm!

  4. Lynn, I almost missed this comment. Glad I didn't! My 'click on photos' were totally hard for me to get. Believe me, I know so little about computers, but I like fooling around with it in the evening. And yes, I agree, my Honey's birdhouses are fabulous...but, I'll just keep him working for me (LOL).