May 21, 2015

Here we go again...

Each morning , after coffee on the front porch, Hubby and I go into combat.  Oh no, not with each other, but with the dreaded lubber.  He picks and I squish.  Gross! 
Crinums and amaryllises are at the head of their snack list, but, I believe they'll eat anything.  Some of our specimens below...

Two for the price of one.

Please, don't jump on me.

The damage that they do.

Some beauty that they haven't sage.

Daylilies and Knockout

Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Climbing ' Iceberg'  Rose and 'Ramona' Clematis

Clematis 'Jackmanii'

Desert Rose


  1. Stomping them is the only way to get them. I do wish that something would eat them! Good luck in your battle.

    1. So true. The ants don't even eat the dead ones, they truly must be nasty. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Ha! That's what I keep saying-how come the birds won't eat them? I guess they taste bad.

    I had a black-eyed susan vine and did not salvage any seeds. Would you be interested in a trade? I have lots of natives and Florida-friendly plants.

    1. I'd be happy to harvest you some when they go to seed, I'll make a note of it. You can swap me any seeds that do well in your garden, surprise me.

  3. Hi Janice! I'm so happy you have a blog (thanks for stopping over at mine!) and it is so charming! I love that you have roses and clematis! I have such a hard time with roses...I've got 3 new buds and I'm hoping the deer don't find them, lol. Your garden is just beautiful! Yes, those lubbers are a challenge! I think I'd pick and let your husband squish, haha! Best of luck for controlling those buggers! :)