May 19, 2015


Roses are difficult to grow with much success in Florida.  Knockouts and old garden roses being the easiest.  I don't spray, try not to use chemicals of any kind in the garden, so black spot is always rearing its ugly head.  I pick off the worst and hope for better days.  Humidity is always with us here in Florida, so it's somewhat of a losing battle.  The beauty of a freshly opened rose in the morning before the heat of the day has faded it makes it all worthwhile.

Chicago Peace
Chicago Peace
Dr. Huey
This is a rootstock rose , but, I love him anyway!
Louis Philippe
Old rose, not sure if it's 'Old Blush'.
I planted this as a bare root rose last year.  It was wrongly marked as a New Dawn climber and I haven't identified her yet.
Don Juan
Gold  Glow


  1. I love your roses. Someone told me many, many years ago that roses don't grow in FL. Well, they most certainly do, you just have to know which ones will do well in your gardens. The old garden varieties definitely do the best.

    Happy Gardening in hot and humid FL ~ FlowerLady

    1. So true Lorraine! I love to bring them inside too. I wish the big box stores would start selling more old garden roses (sigh).

      Thanks and have a happy gardening day also,