May 26, 2015

This, that and the other.

The veggies are looking good, considering we've been in the 90s so many days, with so little rain.

Okra's doing well.

Beauregard sweet potatoes are vining.

Started a little late, but they'll catch up.
Beans are blooming.
Tomatoes are yielding real well...

Today I also found a few new blooms and buds around the garden. That's the good part of gardening, the reward.

First Crinum Lily bud...anticipation.
Toad Lily

I also found some off-color Gloriosas today, probably just some different pH levels in areas of the garden.

A vine of red and white.

Yellow and orange.

Typical red and yellow.

I've shared the this and that, this must be the other.

Pot of Purple Queen and Calibrachoa hiding one of the dogwood stumps that were removed this winter.


  1. Your tomatoes look absolutely mouth-watering! That's one crop that I don't have much success with. Everything looks yummy! You're invited to share this lovely outdoor post on The Maple Hill Hop!

  2. The tomato bounty is wonderful, we just shared some with a neighbor who gave us some blocks when we were making our raised beds. Nothing like neighborhood bartering!

  3. You have got one great looking vegetable garden. Very organized and efficient looking. I like the concrete blocks and the way you surrounded the plants with marigolds, and your tomatoes look wonderful. Our beans are just finishing up here, but the cukes and tomatoes are still going strong.

  4. Hi Susan and thanks for the nice words. I've really enjoyed the raised beds this year, everything is doing wonderful, even though I planted late. I've always had my vegetable gardens directly in the dirt...loving my composted beds. Looking forward to seeing what your pumpkins on the fence are doing.

  5. Your garden is so neat and tidy and just beautiful! How lovely to yield all those vegetables! And I adore your garden gate! Our HOA doesn't allow fences, I wish they did so I could try a veggie patch. I grew cherry tomatoes in a pot, but they were very tough. I really should try again!

    1. Thanks Lynn, I'm really enjoying the raised beds this year. Thinking about having one more outside the to sell that idea to the one who'll be making it first.