May 19, 2015

Good bye sweet shade...

In February of this year, we had to remove four dogwood trees from our front yard.  In our scorching, zone 9 climate, they should be planted as understory trees or they won't enjoy a long lifespan.  The trees were all over fifteen years old and were full of dead and dying branches in their canopies.  After dropping them with the chainsaw, we hauled  loads of wood and debris to the dump, saved a  good bit to burn in our fire pit this winter.  Where we once had shade, we now have full sun for 10+ hours a day.  Hence, the roses.  A dozen or so were purchased bare root, at least that many more were bought potted.  We amended all the new beds with lots of compost and bone meal, so now it's up to them.

In this bed...'La Marne', 'Gene Boerner', 'Gold Glow', 'Peace', 'Angel Face' and Knockouts.

View from my kitchen window.

'Queen Elizabeth'

'Gold Glow'

'Chicago Peace'

'Chicago Peace'

'Autumn Sunset'

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  1. Your new roses ought to do very well in that sunny space. They are all gorgeous. Love the view from your kitchen window.

    Happy Florida gardening ~ FlowerLady