October 7, 2015

Perfect Gardening Weather!

What a beautiful week in Central Florida!  It's been one of those 'open all the windows and air out the house' kind of weeks.  Lovely, cool mornings, just perfect weather to be outdoors.  This is what's blooming down back, around the gazebo this week...

Gloriosa lilies.

Knockout rose, with a cute little guy resting in the shade of a petal.

This clematis has been cut down several times this season, probably it's last bloom of the year.

Still in the back yard, but in the shade gardens.  The cooler weather has amped (is that even a word) up the color in everything back here.  Have you noticed this in your gardens?

Curcuma gingers are still blooming in the background.

Most of my Caladiums are still vibrant, although some have faded away completely.


Clerodendrum Vine

Walking through the front yard the other day, I noticed my desert rose 'Adenium', was chock-full of seed pods.  I normally keep them picked off, because I don't need anymore of  anything that has to come inside in winter.  Still, I  rooted a couple cuttings this summer (one rotted).  After rooting those, I learned that the sap from them is very toxic.  I also read that a cutting will never get the 'fat trunk' (caudex), which is what makes a desert rose so cool.  On the other hand, if you propagate from seed, you won't get the true nature of a hybrid desert rose because the seeds revert.  Too complicated, good thing I don't  need another one!

The cutting that survived...don't know if she'll be pink or red, time will tell.

Remember the hydrangea cuttings I took this summer?  I meant to have them planted by the end of September.  I'm a little behind, but they'll go in the ground in a few days...this is them now.

My irrigation system does not cover the area well enough where I am planting these, so here's what's going on about that...

Let me just say, I have the best husband.  He does all the 'heavy lifting' in our gardening endeavors, and leaves the fun parts (designing and planting), to me.  I couldn't garden without him.  Just a few of the roots coming from our viburnum privacy hedge that he had to dig out...

Hopefully, the hydrangeas will look like their parents in a few years...

I just want to show you a quick peek at the veggies...squash, with onions at the other end.

Tomatoes, right outside the garden.

Mustard and turnip greens.

I have collards, a variety of lettuce, cabbage and broccoli in another bed.

Nothing makes a better salad than fresh arugula, delicious peppery flavor revs up plain lettuce.

Our lettuce harvest today...could be that I over planted.

Thank you for visiting,  I hope you get outside and...


  1. Wow, your veggies are so far ahead of mine! What's your fertilization regimen?
    The clematis reminds me of a passionflower bloom. I wonder if they're in the same family?
    I hope you'll share this lovely outdoor post on this week's Maple Hill Hop!
    Enjoy the cooler, dryer weather! We've waited a long time for it!

  2. Hi Daisy. We get compost from a man who has a small organic farm. It has a lot of cow manure in it, weed free. Crumbly, beautiful dirt.

  3. What a great post! You are blessed to have someone to get dirt from that is so good. No wonder everything looks so lush at your place. I love all of your blooms and colorful foliage. Yes, it is great to have a husband to do the 'heavy' stuff in our gardens.

    Our weather down here is not quite 'open your windows and let fresh air in', yet. Hopefully soon. It is a lot nicer for gardening though.

    I need to get out in mine again. Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

  4. Your vegetables look great--so lush and healthy! We've got broccoli, cabbage, kale, collards, turnips, carrots, and garlic planted, but everything is still pretty tiny. Have you been having much insect damage on your collards and cabbages? Ours are full of little holes.

    Your lettuce harvest looks so delicious!

  5. Leslie, our cabbage is good, but some of our collards had holes. I found some small, yellow-grey, striped caterpillars on the bottom side of the leaves...I 'm just going to keep watching. Good luck with your garden!

  6. It is simply beautiful. Thank you for taking us through your garden. So beautiful in fall. ~~Dee

  7. It has been perfect weather for gardening and your yard continues to look great. Your veggie garden is well under way, too. I've been lazy the last couple of months and need to get going with mine. Those seed pods on the desert rose are interesting. My mother gave me hers and fortunately after it looked like I killed it, it is coming back. Will have to keep my eyes open for some of those seed pods someday. Enjoy the perfect weather!

  8. Hi Janice! Your garden is wonderful! I just love the Gloriosa Lilies and the yummy colors of the caladiums and coleus all mixed together. It really does look fantastic! Your veggies and lettuces are really healthy looking and providing you with a wonderful bounty. I love the fact that lettuces grow so well here as I love to mix my own salad together and to know exactly where it came from! Just wonderful and inspiring! So happy that the weather is just heavenly again and it's so delightful to be outside!


  9. I'm so inspired by your vegetable gardening - heck, I'm always inspired by all of your garden! It's so perfect! I am just getting ready to sow some lettuce seeds in a long container...I am hoping it isn't too soon. We're still super hot down here, but are getting those nice breezes once in awhile! I especially LOVE your ending to this post! :)