October 26, 2015

Fall...Central Florida Style

"Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile."  William Cullen Bryant

Autumn is very much smiling on my gardens, and I am appreciating each beautiful day.  It's such a blessing to wander about early in the morning, and see sunlight's first kiss, fall upon the garden.  

My shade gardens wrap around a semi circle of grass, which I can't plant on because it's our drain field.  If it were not for that, the entire space would probably be covered with shade plants.  But, you have to work with what you have.  Sometimes, the imperfections keep us from getting in over planting.

As the bed curves, it is back planted with young camellias that run the length of the fence.

Two large camellia trees, one on each side of the confederate jasmine, completes this half of the circle.

Jasmine vine archway, photographed earlier this year.

Further around the circle...

Across the drive, through the white 'gates', is the garden that completes the semi circle.

More shade gardens on this side of the driveway, which goes to the back of the property...

 So, on to something else.  My Sasanqua Camellias, bloom for months in fall.  Japonica Camellias begin their bloom around January, in my garden.

This one looks perfect by the Cordyline.  Among my small camellia shrubs, the dark pink camellias are always the first to bloom, pale pink and whites, follow later. 

Out front, there were a few good rose blooms this morning, Autumn Sunset...

Angel Face

Don Juan

Purpleleaf Plum, a tree planted this year, looks a bit like fall.  It's the best I could do for Central Florida. 

Now, for a surprise find this morning.  My Christia Obcordata, or"swallow tail" plant, which is looking a little weary... blooming.  A tiny bloom, but unexpected.  Who knew?  Probably everybody, except me (LOL).

Hoping your week is filled with only good things!


  1. WOWEE, I 'love' your gardens and what a joy it must be to walk around in every day. You have created a lovely haven there.

    Your swallowtail plant is amazing and what sweet little flowers it has.

    Happy Fall and have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Your sasanquas look great. I am a huge sasanqua fan, as I'm sure I mentioned. My mom just bought two sasanquas today--October Magic Dawn and October Magic Inspiration. They are so pretty. Inspiration has white petals with delicate pink edging. I want to run out and buy it too.

    I love your jasmine arch. It's perfect with the camellias on each side. Your gardens are so well designed!

  3. Wow! So much color in your fall garden! Do your roses smell as good as they look? How wonderful to wake up everyday to such a beautiful scene.

  4. It's always a pleasure to take a stroll through your garden. Wish I could be there in person, especially in this wonderful autumn weather. Enjoy!!

  5. Janice, the photo with the jasmine arch is so picturesque - I mean, perfect! I love all your photos, you do have a very well planned garden and it shows in all of your lovely pictures. I had a Don Juan up north, I do miss my roses that I seem to have such trouble with down here. I think it's that we get so much rain during the rainy season being subtropical, I just can't get the balance right. But, I love looking at yours. Angel Face is so beautiful! Happy Autumn!

  6. Janice, Your garden is just heavenly! It's all so beautifully tended. Your roses are gorgeous and such big flowers. I particularly love the Angel Face! How amazing that the Swallowtail plant decided to flower and it is such a lovely bloom too. I had no idea they even had a flower! Your camellias are just gorgeous too...everything is gorgeous!! Enjoy the wonderful weather...its even been hot today!