September 29, 2015

Central Florida Garden~A Typical Day

We've had a mix of sun and clouds this morning, clouds finally won out.  I was outside early, trying to get a list of things done that I've been working on the last few weeks, but this thing called life, keeps drawing me away.  Thankfully, fall weather is just around the corner, and the gardens will need less of me.  I had just finished thinning the mustard and turnip greens when the sky opened, no more work for today...

I got a nice bowl of greens that I'll mix in with the collards that I thinned yesterday.  I wanted to get some pics of the vegetable garden, but the rain looks like it's set in for a while.

Earlier today, I walked the front yard and found this Autumn Sunset rose full of blooms, in different stages...

She's under planted with Angelonia.

Louis Philippe, on the fence, is a good rose for Florida.  He does get some black spot, but not enough to affect his performance as a beautiful bloomer.

On the other end of this fence, another OGR that was given to me as a small cutting, just two years ago.

Knockout rose.

A Gene Boerner tree rose, by the front porch.

Some more Knockout roses, with Belinda's Dream rose in the background.

The last rose today is an unnamed drift rose.

I recently bought two new Hibiscus shrubs,  $3.88 at Walmart!  I'm trying to incorporate more shrubs into my gardens, for their easy care.  I love a good perennial, and I have a nice variety of Salvias, that I wouldn't give up.  I'm eliminating some other less worthy perennials though, because dead heading has become a dreaded chore during Florida's summer months.

One I've had for several years.

Two other flowering shrubs. the yellow Thryallis and the blue Cleodendrum 'Ugandense'.

My Sasanqua Camellias are just beginning to bloom.  I have two large ones that I pruned into trees, years ago.  I also have about a dozen others, shrub types, full of buds, ready to explode.  They grow beautifully in Florida, some of mine are in full sun...not to be confused with the Japonica Camellia, which needs a shady area.  One of the trees...

It's flower...

Flower from the other Camellia tree.

Down by the vegetable garden, the Mexican Bush Sage and Knockout roses are still in full bloom.

Some Mexican Petunias in the mix.

Blue Ginger not only has a beautiful bloom, but it lasts for weeks.

Lastly, this bee was running around in circles (like me, at times) on my Clematis.

That's all from my garden today... have a wonderful week.


  1. Wasn't that rain just glorious! Oh, it was a great day with 1 inch of rain. Your hibiscus looks so full and lush.
    I've never seen anyone else grow thryallis. We have it on the east side of the house and it just never quits. Love those easy-care bushes.
    I hope you'll share this lovely outdoor post on this week's Maple Hill Hop!

  2. Oh, my gosh, what a great post. I can't believe how many beautiful flowers you have. I love your picket fence too; it's the perfect backdrop for your roses.

    I'm crazy about sasanquas, and I think they look so elegant and graceful when they're pruned into trees. I have quite a few, but I definitely want to add more this year. I'm looking for a Hana Jiman.

    I really like your pink and purple color combinations. The Mexican bush sage and the Knockout roses look so pretty together!

  3. As always I love seeing your lovely gardens. I get inspired to work in mine after each visit here.

    I love thryallis, it is a wonderful non-stop flowering shrub with a delightful scent.

    You have so many beautiful flowers. That blue ginger is a real beauty!

    Happy fall ~ even though we are 'waiting' for those cooler temps to get down here.


  4. I am totally in love with the Blue Ginger! Not to mention all the gorgeous roses you have and I can only dream of having a clematis again! (I had them up north) But I can have hibiscus and I want some pink ones just like yours! They're such gorgeous colors! I sound like a little kid - "I want,I want,I want", haha - but that's how I feel when I look at all of your lovely flowers! Very enjoyable post, as always! :)

  5. I think you've got a secret gardening crew behind the scenes . . . everything is always so beautiful and it looks quite expansive. Now that I think about it, it reminds me of one or two public gardens I've been to. :-)

    Now that I'm seeing other people's veggie gardens (or in your case - a bowl of greens), I'm sorry I didn't start one for the fall. I'll just live vicariously through yours . . . so please post lots of pictures!

  6. Janice, I so enjoy your posts because you have so much blooming and it is always so inspiring to see all your lovely plants. Your roses look fabulous despite the rainy weather we have been having. I wonder what the OGR is called. I love all the old roses because I always feel they have a lovely story to tell. Love the hibiscus, the fabulous everything!! lol. So glad the Thryallis is doing well for you. I just love them. I gave mine a bit of a haircut last month and they are up bushy and blooming again. Have a wonderful week!
    Kate R

  7. Your roses look like they are enjoying all the rain and the cooler temps. They are all lovely, as are your new hibiscus. I just love hibscus - so many beautiful ones to choose from. For some reason, I always seem drawn to the old varieties. Probably stems from growing up with the older ones. Enjoy your time in the garden this week as it is absolutely gorgeous outside!