October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

I went here and there on the property today, looking for some scary stuff.  The sun was iridescent,  beautiful blue skies loomed overhead, and butterflies were everywhere!  Because I'm completely OCD, last week I had broomed away all the beautiful spider webs on the front porch, and the back deck.  So, here's the scary things I did find.  Warning...viewer discretion advised...graphic images...view at your own risk!  ( just kidding)

Quit smiling, you're supposed to be scaring people.

Are you scared yet?

Viewer discretion...

Hump Head

No animals were harmed in the making of  my 'Halloween Horror' blog...

Hoppy Halloween!


  1. Great photos! :-)

    You have what looks like Confederate jasmine running wild. I have some like that too. One I tackled yesterday from a ladder. Have another arch to do yet also. Can you imagine if we just let it go, it would take over the whole property. :-) That would be scary.

    Happy Nov. 1st ~ FlowerLady

  2. Cool pictures! Such a cute post :-) I love your reptiles and amphibians, and the backlit Confederate jasmine looks really neat.

  3. Not too scary! Looks a lot like what we have in our backyard! Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. Too funny. Your frog photos reminded me of an old childhood friend who refused to come over at night (she lived next door) for fear of the frogs that resided in my Mom's garden. She "would" find this post scary. :-)

  5. Haha! What a great post Janice! So fun! There is certainly enough scary stuff out there if you go looking for it! Great photos too!
    I really hope my comments to you are posting ok. I have had a lot of problems with the interface between WordPress and Blogspot and sometimes it doesn't like me leaving comments :(( I know I commented on your lovely post about fall 2 weekends ago and it doesn't seem to be there now. Let me know if you get this one...I would hate if you thought I was ignoring you!!!


  6. Hi Janice! I love your spooky photos!!! I am on a quest to ID all the frogs and toads I find. I'm thinking your lumpy bumpy toad is a Native Southern Toad. It has the two crests on top that end in a lump and the two oval glands on the side, as opposed to the invasive Cane Toad (icky) that has a larger triangular gland on each side. I'm so weird, I know, lol - I bet you don't really care what kind they are, hahaha. :) I especially love your tangled vines shots. Fun post and I was only a little scared...I like how you got the purple background on your swallowtail plant shot too! Happy November!

  7. No Lynn, you're not weird! I haven't started cataloging my frogs and toads yet(ha-ha), but I have always been interested in them. The small, green guys, that poop all over my porch railings, I could do without. The rest of them are just so darn cute.