September 30, 2016

'Egg'citing news!

I can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted anything!  Lately, most of my time in the garden has been spent taming  the wild growth of summer.  Some roses have been removed and some Florida- friendly shrubs have taken their place.  I even downsized some of my gardens - removing a few layers and allowing more lawn to return.  Not to worry, there's still too much!  I'll get to that happy medium one day.  As for now, one of my favorite gingers is blooming...Blue Ginger (Dichorisandra thyrsiflora).  

If you look closely, you'll see that only one of the many flowers has actually opened.  Blue Ginger blooms will last for weeks!

This stand of Heliconia was lost in my tropical border before I began the Fall clean up process a few weeks ago.   Hell-o Heliconia!

A few wild orchids are showing up in the shade gardens for one last show this season...

Night blooming jasmine never gives up!  I have several of these that get pruned nearly to the ground several times a year just to keep them in bounds.  Their lovely fragrance in the evening is worth the effort.

 Farfugium Tractor Seat plant has been a great addition to my shade garden.  Gorgeous in bloom, but great, unique foliage even when not in flower.

Clerodendrum Pagoda Flowers have bloomed all year.  They can be a little scary - meaning they will get away from you if you're not willing to pull up their many offspring.  I do love them though, mainly because Zebra Longwings enjoy them so much.

Now for my most exciting 'girls' began laying eggs a few weeks ago!  They have a couple nesting boxes, but they all use the same one.  They're so silly to watch clambering over each other to get possession of the box.  Here's this mornings offerings...

We get all sizes and colors!  It's a thrill each time we go out to collect eggs.  The 'girls' free range each afternoon - it's become our favorite time of the day to sit together outside and watch their antics.

Until next time...happy gardening!


  1. How fabulous! I'm so happy for you with the bounty of eggs! Your garden looks beautiful, so many unique plants. We have been downsizing too, in anticipation of putting our house back on the market.
    Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Thanks Daisy! Stay safe over the next few days...I'm hoping for just rain. _Janice

  2. I love the rich blue color of the blue ginger. That is definitely one pretty plant in the garden and it looks beautiful with your yellow door. Also, love the color combination of the heliconia's and the variegated ginger. Very pretty together. I'm jealous is those beautiful fresh eggs! I know you must be enjoying them. How funny that they fight over the nesting box. I wonder why they only want to use that one. Glad your posting again. It won't be long now till the weather is perfect!

    1. Hi Susan! Yeh, my chickens are like kids fighting over the same toy. I'm so looking forward to a brisk fall morning - coffee tastes so much better then. _Janice

  3. So many pretty blooms . . . but nothing beats the beauty of that bowl full of eggs! LOVE IT! It makes me really, REALLY miss my hens. I loved going out collecting their eggs ~ it was like Easter everyday. LOL

    Coming in a close second would be the white rocking chair captured with your Clerodendrum Pagoda Flowers. Looks like such a beautiful spot to sit and enjoy your garden. What a beautiful home you have, Janice.

    Have a great week!


    1. Thanks Eli. Yeh, egg collecting is awesome!

      The front porch is our spot to have coffee. I can't tell you the last time we've had coffee inside the house, but probably not last winter - it didn't get cold enough.

      Take care - I hope Matthew is uneventful for you. _Janice

  4. Hi Janice! It's good to see you back posting! I took a month or so off too. I think your Pagoda flower is such a great looking plant. Do the hummingbirds like it too? And I'm totally in love with your Blue Ginger - wow, a true beauty! Your eggs are so darn adorable! I think it would be the best fun to watch your hens every day puttering around. I can't wait for a little cooler weather and to get this hideous storm passed. I hope it's not too bad for our east coast friends. We'll hopefully only get rain. Be safe this weekend!

  5. Lynn! Good to hear from you! My hens are the most fun - they do something hilarious every day. I wish I had gotten them sooner. I'm hating this nasty storm too, and dreading the clean up after. I'm in with love my oak trees until there's a storm, then not so much. And yes, the hummers do like the Pagoda flowers, but I have some Firebush shrubs planted in the same area and they really prefer them. Take care...Janice

  6. Hi Janice, your garden is looking gorgeous as usual. I love the way that blue ginger looks with the yellow door in the background--what a pretty color combination! And the tractor seat! It is so glossy and dark green--and the leaves look kind of like lily pads. So neat.

    Your eggs are just perfect. I hope I can start raising chickens someday! It sounds like you're having a great time with them.

  7. Thanks Leslie! I know you wouldn't regret getting chicks. I told my husband I want to get 'Lucy' a necklace like you got for Buntin.

  8. Hi Janice! That is so exciting that your lovely chickens are laying. Such pretty eggs too. It must be wonderful to collect them everyday. Your garden is looking so lovely and you really have some great color and pretty flowers despite our horribly hot summer. The Blue Ginger and the Pagoda flowers are just spectacular. Hopefully the hurricane did not affect you too much? We had quite a lot of clean up which took a while but luckily no major damage.
    - Kate xx