October 31, 2016

Mostly Summer, With A Dash Of Fall

There's a period of time, quite early in the morning, when I sense fall in the air.  All too soon, the temperatures ascend to the mid 80's and fall is forgotten.  Summer blooms are still numerous in my gardens, like this Pagoda Plant with a lovely visitor...


This Clematis had been cut down a few weeks ago and has returned to flower once more...

Thryallis shrubs have been blooming since spring and show no signs of letting up.

Butterfly Bushes, Clerodendrum 'Ugandense',  have been in bloom since April.

'Louis Philippe' is a favorite rose among Florida gardeners.  It's one of the few roses that will thrive in our sandy soils and accept our constant high humidity without being defoliated by black spot.

Tithonia, Zinnias, and Salvias are putting on their final show of the season...

Tibouchinas in the shade garden.

Out front in full sun...

Turk's Cap blooms from early summer until frost in my garden.  These shrubs get by on only rainfall, so they're not looking their best - as we've had little rain lately.

Now for what's looking a little like fall!  The leaves on this Oakleaf Hydrangea look quite fallish...

Blue Ginger

Tractor Seat is sending up some strong buds for fall...

And too soon...I say this because it's still too hot...camellias are bursting with blooms!  One of my favorite tree Sasanquas, 'Kanjiro'.  I took this photo in the morning fog today.  I would prefer that they waited for cooler temps., so the blooms would not fade so quickly.

'Setsugekka', also a Sasanqua Camellia.

Shade gardens still have a lot of color...

I'll be back soon with more Camellia photos...I know this post has been a little long.  I'll close with a picture of Lucy, one of my favorites.  She's an 'Easter Egger' - lays lovely green eggs.


  1. Lucy is lovely--and what a nice portrait of her. She certainly is very elegant and ladylike--and how neat that she lays green eggs.

    I love your sasanquas! They look especially pretty with the nearby birdhouses. Your whole yard is so flowery and fresh looking! You can't tell at all that it's been dry!

    1. Thanks, Leslie. So many camellias blooming already - can't wait to see some of yours.

  2. Hi Janice, You have so many of my favorites blooming - Louis Philippe, thryallis, and blue ginger just to mention a few. Turk's cap and camellias are a sure sign of fall. The pic of the pagoda plants with the swallowtail butterfly is gorgeous - two beauties! Lucy looks like a sweet little chicken and how cool that she lays green eggs. Enjoy the cool mornings. They are reinvigorating me.

    1. Hi Susan! The great thing about all the plants you mentioned is that they're survivors, and able to perform even when I neglect them. I too am being refreshed by our cooler weather - interested anew in my gardens.

  3. Beautiful blooms. No wonder the butterflies like hanging out there. That thryallis is amazing. It never seems to tire of blooming. Enjoy!

    1. Hi Daisy! It seems like there are more butterflies now than during summer - you can never have too many. They make the garden so alive!