August 21, 2016

August Garden

Hell-o everyone!  I've been running in and out of the A/C today to get a few photos so I could share a post with you today.  I've been enjoying a number of post vacation, and 'new adventure' blogs from you guys.  My world has been pretty static this summer - awaiting cooler weather, like most everyone else.  I didn't spend much time out in our Florida sunshine, but I ventured out there just long enough to photograph my Purple Coneflowers... 

A Gulf Fritillary wandered by and landed on one of the least attractive flowers, but I didn't wait around for him to move to a prettier one.

The Pagoda Flowers and Firebushes are visited by hummingbirds throughout the day, but not when I am holding a camera...

The only other sun loving plant I photographed was one of the Beautyberry bushes.  They have been dripping with fruit this year, bowed over with the weight...

I retreated to the coolness (or less hot) back yard, under the oak canopy.  The shade gardens are as colorful as any flower garden, and best of all, they need little attention once planted.  I have caladiums everywhere and as they return each year they keep getting larger.  I've got pots of single varieties...

Pots of mixed...

Simple green and white caladiums...

Little guys that look as though they were splashed with paint...

A rainbow of colors...

Across the yard, in a tropical plant border, there's freckled faces...

Another favorite shade plant of mine is the Toad Lily, which like caladiums. return each year.

   I noticed today the Camellia shrubs are chock-full of buds.  That's one of the wonderful aspects of gardening...there's always something to look forward to.  I hope you're all having the BEST summer ever!


  1. You and those coneflowers! I don't know why they won't grow for me. I love 'em though.
    I am trying to get a little bit at a time done out there. We are downsizing the plants in the backyard, hoping that will help our house sell. I will post "free plants" on CL so that I don't have to do the digging! Sweet!
    Enjoy your beautiful garden and all of its visitors.

    1. Daisy, it's the first year I've had any luck with coneflowers. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll survive winter and return. Keeping them crossed for a 'sold' sign in your near future too! _Janice

  2. Hi Janice, Your garden looks so cool and refreshing in the summer heat. Your caladiums are outstanding. They add so much wonderful color to your shade garden. Love the coneflowers. What's your secret to success? I've tried several times to grow them with no luck. Does the plant last all year or do they disappear and come back in spring? Only about 6 more weeks of real hot weather left. The end is in sight now!

    1. Hi Susan! I've also tried coneflowers many times with no success, but this is the first time I've grown them from seed. The plants seem to be a lot stronger than ones I've purchased in the past. Time will tell if they're going to last through winter or return next year. I'm looking forward to some cool mornings to start preparing for a fall vegetable garden. _Janice

  3. Hello Janice! I just love your garden! You are amazing at having so much color in the hottest part of the year - it's just beautiful and so refreshing too! I need to get more color into my shady areas too, yours are such an inspiration! Well done on the beautiful coneflowers too! I used to have big clumps in North Carolina but the ones I have here are nowhere near as happy as yours! Well we are almost in September...what do you think..another month and we should start to get a bit cooler?! Oh goodness I hope so. I was weeding at 8 this morning and had to retreat indoors by 10!!

    - Kate x

    1. Hi Kate, and thank you! Oh yes, I am also hoping cooler days are in our near future. I'm looking forward to fall weather so my roses can flourish again...they've been looking so frazzled. _Janice

  4. I love your coneflowers next to the porch with the rocking chairs--such a charming scene. Very "Old Florida." And I can't believe how fresh and healthy your shade gardens are even in the depths of August. We haven't gotten much rain lately, so everything in my yard has taken on a rather ragged, worn-out look. Your toad lilies are so cute--I hope to plant some this fall!

  5. I love all of your caladiums and those toad lilies are wonderful!!!

    I don't know how I missed this post, but I did. Found it through Simply Susan's blog today.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

    1. Hi Lorraine! I've taken a little break from blogging - been so busy. Things are slowing down a bit now though. I think when I changed my blogs' name, you lost me. I don't know of anything I'm doing different, but you can always find me on Susan's blog.

      You have a great weekend too! _Janice