January 29, 2016

A Store To Love...

I found a fabulous seed store Thursday!  We had spent Wednesday indoors watching the rain, and was ready to get out of the house.  I found the store while googling nurseries, in my never ending  quest to shop somewhere other than the big box stores.  Turned out it was only 30 minutes from my house, in downtown Leesburg.  

They have a counter where they still sell seed by the ounce.  Tons of little drawers filled with every kind of pea, bean, and seed imaginable.  I haven't seen this in years, since our Seminole stores stopped doing it.  I used to love going in with my MIL, and buying a 1/4 ounce of this and that.

The store is filled with old world charm.  Along the left side of the store, running full length of the building, is a wide porch.  Loads of plants, for indoor and outdoor!  Of course, there's a resident dog sleeping on a rug by the door.  We didn't see a cat, but I'm sure there was one napping in a corner somewhere.  Also on the porch,  a cage with parrots, and another with doves.  You can walk off this porch to enter the outside nursery, which we did, even though it was drizzling rain.  My husband saw them first...camellias.  Well, here's the one he picked.  This photo was taken in the truck...

'Dr. Tinsley' Camellia Japonica

I chose 'Pink Perfection'.  her bloom was a little frazzled,  but you get the idea.

They still sell caladium bulbs singly, out of  cardboard boxes.  I have most of the varieties they were selling, but 'White Queen' is one I can always use a few more of.  Nice, large bulbs for 69 cents is a bargain.  This photo is 'White Queen', in my garden last summer.

I took a few photos today while working outside.  It was a glorious day to be in the garden!  We weeded, mulched, moved plants, and  so forth.  My body now feels every hour of it. 

New Zealand Tea Tree in forefront, with 'Desire', Japonica Camellia in background.



'Yuletide' Sasanqua Camellia

The vegetable garden is still producing broccoli, collard greens, and cabbage.  I filled one raised bed with sweet onion slips a few weeks ago.

This bed has red onions, broccoli, and cabbage at the far end.

My 'Honey' has started me a new flower bed, all that's left to do is till in some compost.  Oh, and of course, plant it in spring...what fun!

I hope all is well with you and your gardens.



  1. How wonderful to find an old-fashioned garden center like this one!

    Your veggie garden looks so lush. I'm really impressed!

    Love seeing your blooms as always.

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. What a treasure! I love old feed stores like that one. I would love to do a book on them, just so I'd get to travel to them all!
    What variety of broccoli do you grow? Your veggies look fantastic! So far ahead of mine.

    Enjoy the glorious weekend!

    1. Hi Daisy. The broccoli variety is Packman. My latest planting is nearly ready to harvest and I'm still cutting side shoots from the first planting. I have no comparison, because it's the only variety I've planted.

    2. That's the variety that my farmer friend grows too. It's outstanding! He loves it because of the number of shoots he gets off the single plant.
      Too bad they are phasing it out. It's very difficult to find now (we looked) and they won't be producing any more seed. Bummer. Enjoy it while you can!

  3. What a neat shop - I love small business so tired of the big box stores. We'll be moving to an area where there is currently no big box stores - nearest one is 30 minutes away. So excited. Your veggies look amazing! I'm excited to get planting for spring even if it means I won't be here to enjoy the harvest. I just love being outdoors.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  4. Oh lovely! I adore old fashioned stores like that as they are so charming and so much nicer than the boring box stores. It must have been such a treat to visit! Hooray for getting a Pink Perfection! I actually think it is my favorite Camellia as the flowers are so perfect. I'm sure you are going to love it. Very exciting that your hubby made the new bed for you. Isn't it lovely to have a whole new area to plant. It will be great to see your plans for it. Hopefully the wet weather we had the last few days has moved off. It was just perfect today wasn't it? Have a lovely week!
    - Kate xx

  5. Hi Janice! Isn't it the best to find such a charming seed store! I love it when they have their pets hanging around the store area - feels so much like home! I wish we had something like that around here. Beautiful new Camellias too! I'm sure you've got the new bed planned out and I can't wait to see it in bloom! Wonderful post, I enjoyed it a lot as always! L.

  6. Janice, What a great store you have stumbled on -- they don't make them like that any more. And how exciting: a new flower bed to fill with lovely plants. Your camellias are so incredibly beautiful -- thanks so much for sharing them with us! -Beth

  7. The seed store sounds perfect, Janice. We have a place like that in Tallahassee called Gramling's, which has been in business since 1915. When I was a kid I used to go there with my parents, and I'd look at the cute baby chicks while Mom and Dad were looking at seeds.

    I love the camellias you chose (Dr. Tinsley and Pink Perfection are two of my very favorites), and your vegetables look so tempting and delicious!

  8. Your camellias look lovely, and I can't wait to see what you plant in your new garden bed. It's always fun to have a new blank canvas to plant. Simon seed store is one of my favorite nurseries. I could spend the entire day sitting on that porch soaking up the old ambiance of that place. It's rare to find a gem like that place today.

  9. Lynda, thanks for stopping by. I'm keeping my eye on the weather too, as I have seedlings up, and some not sprouted yet. Good luck with yours.

  10. It would be great if all the nurseries sold loose seed like that. A lot of the time when you buy the packet seeds they do not grow. Bring back the old days! Carolyn from Pastimes, Passions & Paraphernalia.

  11. It would be great if all the nurseries sold loose seed like that. A lot of the time when you buy the packet seeds they do not grow. Bring back the old days! Carolyn from Pastimes, Passions & Paraphernalia.

  12. Carolyn, thanks for visiting. You're so right about the seeds, the yields are not so good from the packets they sell in stores.