February 5, 2016

Tractor Seat

I want to share this cool plant that I found at Walmart the other day.  No, I couldn't resist.  And yes, I am that gardener the 'experts' write about...the person that has to have one of everything.  Sorry, but I'll work it into my shade gardens and you'll hardly notice it's all alone.  This plant has been around a long time, but as we know, plants fall in and out of favor.  I love that it looks like it's name...Tractor Seat!  The plant tag states that it can take 4-8 hours of sun daily, but others that grow it say it can only take a sprinkling of sun.

Farfugium japonicum, Tractor Seat

Hence the name, but if you're very young, you may not see the likeness.

Other than Knockout roses, there's not much blooming here.  This rose has suffered a little from the cold, but she's trying.

'Valentine's Day' Rose

Turk's Cap still has a few blooms.

My time right now is being spent tidying up flower beds, and starting seedlings.  I sowed lots of Purple Coneflower, Sweet Peas, and 'Lady in Red' Scarlet Sage', as well as others.  Also getting a head start on tomatoes and 'Parris Island' Romaine.

Thanks to all of you for visiting.


  1. Tractor seat? I love it! Never heard of it before, but I think I see it in our future. Thanks for the introduction.
    Do you start your flowers in pots, or do you direct sow? I hope to be out there tomorrow sometime since the weather is cooperating.
    Enjoy your planting!

    1. I direct sow seeds of Zinnia, Tithonia, Moonflower, and other easy growers. I start Coneflower and some sages in pots because I get a better yield, and a jump start for spring. I love Purple Coneflower, but for some reason, I can never keep it for more than a season or refuses to come back for me. Have fun tomorrow!

  2. Tractor seat is a great plant, although I've never heard of it referred to by that name. There's not many - really hardly any - large round leafed plants. And, it's cold hardy! I have a relative of it called leopard plant. Much smaller leaves with yellow spots. It's going to look great in your garden. I love your fancy seedling table.

  3. What an adorable plant Janice! I have never heard of it before but the name is absolutely perfect for those leaves! I think I would have definitely pounced on it if I had seen it at the store too! Hope it does well for you - let us know how it is settling in. Enjoy your weekend! I just arrived in NYC - it seems SO cold and I think there may be snow next week!
    - Kate

  4. I just wrote a comment but I think I forgot to hit the publish button, and closed it out. Sheesh!

    Anyway, I thought I was going to see a real tractor seat in your gardens. :-) Instead I see a really neat and cheerful plant.

    It is always a treat to see what you have growing in your gardens.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  5. What a pretty plant! I love the big glossy leaves and the cheery yellow flowers. It looks a lot like a plant I grow called golden ragwort (I think the scientific name is Senecio aureus).

    I think it's so awesome that you start your coneflowers from seed. I'm never successful with seeds and I always really admire people who are. Growing from seed is real gardening!

  6. No worries - I'm old enough to see the tractor seat resemblance, lol! I love it! It really is very charming. I don't have much blooming either right now - I guess that's why I'm doing bird posts. Your Valentine rose is lovely and I can't wait to see your sweet peas. I adore them! Stay warm up there - we're even cold again down here in the swamp! :)

  7. Hi again Janice ~ Sorry you were unable to go to RP nursery yesterday but glad you ordered two. I had Mutabilis before myself. I think Bermuda's Kathleen which was in my order, looks like that.

    Happy Valentine's Day ~ FlowerLady