January 20, 2016

Jack Frost In Central Florida

Yes, the inevitable has happened, 'Jack Frost' visited my garden last night.  This morning I woke to what looked like a sugar coated landscape.

Agapanthus and daylilies, a little frosted.

Roses, too.

Soon after, the lovely sunshine began to chase the frost away.  

Under the protection of the oaks, the shade garden was unharmed.  The bird baths under the trees did have a thin layer of ice...


All is well, winter just ran behind schedule a little this season.  My Hostas will appreciate some cold weather, and the frost will make spring cleanup easier.  Here are a few photos I took yesterday...

First bloom on 'Lady Clare', Camellia Japonica.


Ground Orchids popping up in the shade beds.

My tiniest 'Louis Phillippe' rose is blooming.

If you'll remember, this cutting was started in July.  I had planned to keep them potted until spring, but they rooted so quickly that I planted them in December.

This is a cutting from a pink OGR taken at the same time.  All the cuttings survived, so you'll see more of them in spring.

'Mother' of the pink cutting.

I hope that your garden is bringing you joy.  If your weather is inclement, wishes for happy spring planning.


  1. We avoided the frost, but it was a bit nippy out there this morning. So far, it looks like my tomatoes are doing fine. Your lovelies don't look a bit affected. Bundle up and enjoy the season!

  2. Frost is inevitable. Kills bad bugs.

  3. Janice, So sorry to see that your beautiful garden received frost this week. Hopefully, it didn't receive too much damage. Hopefully, this weekend's low temps won't do too much damage.

  4. Hi FlowerLady. That sounds pretty cold for your area...stay warm.
    As far as the roses go, I don't fuss much with it. Usually in June or July, I'll take a 10-12 inch cutting, then remove the spent flower and the bottom leaves. I always use a gallon pot with regular potting soil, no hormone powder. I leave mine in the shade until there's some sign of new growth, always keeping them well watered. Then I move the pots to a spot where they'll get just morning sun until I'm ready to plant them in the garden. Any of them that are growing on their own roots are really easy.
    Enjoy your weekend._Janice

  5. Your garden is looking beautiful under it's sugar coating! How nice that you still have roses flowering. I also love growing roses from cuttings, it's so satisfying! Hope you are keeping warm.

  6. Hello Janice! Your garden still looks so pretty even with a little frosty coating! I love the Lady Clare Camellia - a really pretty one. I have been covering up pot plants and orchids just now as I know it is supposed to be pretty cold tonight. I am sure a lot of perennials will be nipped back, but like you I don't mind some things being frosted because then I don't feel guilty about trimming and tidying! Enjoy the rest of the weekend - Next week looks like a lovely gardening week!
    - Kate xx

  7. I've tried rooting roses, but I've never had any luck. I'm going to try again this summer using your method. Your little Luis Phillippe looks so healthy and pretty. Love your Lady Clare, by the way!