December 4, 2015

Best Of Both Worlds

If weather was something you could eat, Florida has prepared us a feast!  It's been cool enough in the mornings to enjoy my coffee outside on the porch, yet, warming quickly to shorts and flip-flop temperatures.  I can barely stand to stay indoors in this gorgeous weather.
We fished yesterday for a little while, no catching, just fishing.  The small lake we live on has not cooled enough for the speckled perch (crappie to some), to begin biting very well.  We did enjoy our boat ride though.  I took a picture of what looks like the last water lily of the season...


We also saw a group of Ibis enjoying the day...

Back on dry land, there's a lot of color still happening in the gardens.  My first Japonica Camellia bloom, 'Laura Walker'.


My hedgerow of Sasanqua Camellias were planted three years ago.  They were tiny, maybe a foot tall, so even though they're still small, they have grown quite fast for camellias.

'Cotton Candy'


'Stephanie Golden'

Roses are responding to this wonderful fall weather also.  Out on the front fence, 'Louis Philippe' is still blooming.

My two 'Red Cascades' are in bloom also, although, almost barren of leaves.

My pink, 'unidentified' OGR , is also in flower...

'Belinda's Dream' rose is the only hybrid tea rose that I would ever buy again.  She's truly an outstanding rose in my garden, completely carefree.  This is the only hybrid tea rose that I've grown that doesn't get black spot.  In Florida, that's quite remarkable. 

The 'Black- Eyed Susan' vine, growing by our entry, still says summer.

I've posted pictures of this hibiscus many times, but it's changed colors for the fall.  It used to be bright yellow, now more orange.

Clerodendrum 'paniculatum', or pagoda flower, is still blooming also...

 Clerodendrum 'ugandense', or butterfly bush...

Clerodenrums are certainly a diverse group of plants, as this vine also belongs to that genus.  Clerodendrum 'thomsoniae'...

I also grow the red and white bleeding heart vine, but I prefer this color.  I have it running along fences and trellised.

Long after the red flower drops off, the purple calyxes remain, making for a long show of color.

You know me by now, I can't close without a couple photos of the shade gardens.

Thank you for visiting.  I hope you all have a perfect weekend.


  1. So much color! Just splendid! Can't wait to see that black-eyed susan vine growing in my garden. Thank you again for the seeds!
    Enjoy your picture-perfect weekend!

  2. Glad you've had such lovely weather to enjoy. It's been unseasonably warm and humid, then rain for the past two days, and more expected over the next few days.

    It is always a treat to see your lovely blooms and you have so many. It must be a real joy to walk around your gardens each day. I get inspired each time I read a post of yours.


  3. Your gardens are so flowery and amazing--and the lakeside setting must be so idyllic. I love your pictures of the birds and waterlilies.

    I have a lot of the same sasanquas you do, but mine are really young and they haven't bloomed yet. The Cotton Candy flower is my favorite--it's so fluffy and pink I just want to take a bite of it!

  4. So lovely to be able to go out on your lake! It looks idyllic and it must be lovely to spend time on. Your garden is stunning as always. I love looking at your Louis Philippe rose as I have a young one but I already love it so much, so it is nice to think it will grow as big as yours. I loved your Laura Walker Camellia too with the speckled color - such a pretty one!

  5. Janice, what incredible flowers and foliage you have in your gardens at this time of year! It makes me want to take another Florida vacation ASAP. Your waterlily photo looks like something from Monet's garden, it's so beautiful.... And I agree: Belinda's Dream is a wonderful rose. I grew it here for several years and loved how it was always one of the latest roses to continue blooming in autumn -- sadly, it didn't make it through the horrible winter we had two years ago and I haven't replaced it yet. Thanks for the reminder to do so. :-) I'm so happy you're enjoying your lovely weather! -Beth

  6. Lots of beautiful color in your garden. Your camellias are very pretty. I love all the ruffly petals on camellias. Hopefully you'll be able to catch some fish soon. In the meantime, you can enjoy the beautiful water lily. Have a good week.

  7. Hi Janice! Your roses are absolutely gorgeous - especially against the white fence! I'm in love with them all! And your camellias! Sounds wonderful to be able to go out on your lake and hang out for awhile and relax. We have a "gang" of Ibis walking our neighborhood, looking for chow, too, lol! Lovely photos and post! Have a great week!

  8. Oh what beautiful plants and flowers you have! Your roses are doing great. Your lovely pictures make me miss my flowers. My husband dug holes so I could plant tulip, daffodil, and crocus bulbs for some spring bloom. The rose bushes here still have leaves but the blooms and buds have been nipped by the cold. My D Austin rose bloomed right up until the day it snowed and rained. Yesterday I emptied all of my flower pots and brought then in.

    It looks like you have a wonderful fishing spot, too. Put an extra line in the water for me, ok?

    1. Hi Susie, pleased to have you visit again. You know, we southern gardeners have bulb envy, especially tulips. Glad you got yours planted, I'm sure they'll brighten your world in spring. I look forward to seeing some photos.