December 9, 2015

December Doings

The good news is, I finally went outside to take pictures of our Christmas lights.  The bad news is that my yard is full of biting mosquitoes.  Yikes, our continuing warm weather must be to their liking.  My Honey and I had a most enjoyable time putting up lights.  The star, in years past, used to lie on the uppermost part of the roof.  Lights outlined every eave and window then, but now we are content to create just a little gaiety.  I hope you are enjoying whatever you are doing to prepare for the holidays.

I'm not doing a tree this year, just bought a few plants to make the house a little festive.

Other than doing a little decorating, I've been gardening, as usual.  I want to show you what the veggie garden has been producing.  This is what the garden looked like a few short months ago, in September.

We've had perfect weather for the vegetable garden.  It's been just warm enough for tomatoes, yet, cool enough for the cole crops.  The broccoli and cabbage have both done better than I thought they would.  On the way to the vegetable patch...

  I picked the first of the broccoli a couple days ago.  It's one of those veggies that you want to grow just as large as possible, but not let go too long.  If not checked regularly, it can get past it's prime rather quickly.  The tomatoes are ripening on the counter, because our bird 'friends' are pecking them as soon as they show the slightest color.

The greens have  been abundant this year, and completely pest free.  These were picked and cooked yesterday, the southern way, with salt pork...served with cornbread.   

From left to right...mustard, collard, and turnip.

The garden has also produced beautiful turnips.  Eaten raw, or cooked in the greens...delicious.

Growing cabbage this year was a first for me, so I was very excited to cut my first head this morning.  It weighed nearly 4 lbs., I'm a proud mama.

If you're still with me, letting me go on about my veggies, thanks for visiting.  I want to wish you only good things for the holiday season, especially...


  1. I like your Christmas lights, especially all of your stars. It looks like you are enjoying a nice harvest from your garden. Enjoy all that wonderfully healthy food.

  2. Wow, your vegetables are gorgeous! They look so delicious. We've had so much trouble with pests this fall--I guess because it's so warm. Seeing your beautiful harvest gives me hope for next year!

  3. Hi Janice! Your house looks so lovely decorated for Christmas! I just love all the sparkly lights, so thank you for braving the mosquitoes to go out and take pictures for us. I think there are a lot too, probably because we had that rain and now it is so warm. Your veggies are truly fantastic - congratulations on such a wonderful harvest. I can't believe the size of that head of broccoli and the cabbage! You have every right to be proud!
    - Kate

  4. Sis, your house looks very festive and the veggies are incredible. Good job.
    Love you.
    John & Terry

  5. Hi, happy to see a comment from you! We're looking forward to Friday. Love you both.

  6. Oh, WOW - your vegetables are so gorgeous!!! They're just incredibly beautiful! I could only wish... And your lights are pretty and so festive! I love the ones that cascade down from the roof line - they always look so delicate and pretty. I have skipped putting a tree up some years, it's no fun taking them down, lol. But I like the glow of the lights in the house at night. Your angels are lovely!!!