November 22, 2015

Thanksgiving Garden

Hell-o everyone.  It looks like Central Florida is going to have some seasonable weather for Thanksgiving.  Marion County, where I live,  has two nights of 44 degrees expected, but those temperatures won't hang around long.  I took these photos yesterday, before the rain came.  The veggie garden was dry, and no, I didn't trust the rain prediction, so the garden while being watered...

The cabbages are starting to make firm heads.  I am so thankful for the raised beds that my Honey made for me.  I have never gotten such bountiful yields when I gardened in ground.

Broccoli is just setting heads.

This years fall crop of tomatoes is the best I've ever had.  Fall tomatoes are generally a little stingier with their fruit...

They're in cedar boxes, so they can be taken into the shop if the weather acts up.

Out front, our 'Louis Philippe' rose is flourishing once again.  This is a great rose for Florida.

Burgundy-leafed, Loropetalum is just beginning to flower.

Euphorbias,  like this Crown Of Thorns, all have one thing in common...milky white sap that is sometimes toxic.  Poinsettias belong to this genus.

We've been doing some fall clean up, trying to tame the wild growth of the Confederate Jasmines.  I hope this will be the last trimming they need before spring.  They're worth the work though, because there's nothing else as fragrant when they bloom, and they're evergreen.  

Archway in the back requires a ladder...

The Sasanqua Camellias are over their big flush, but there are still blooms every day.  Pollinators were swarming them.

While we're in back, come see the shade beds.  They really none the worse for wear, and here we are, late November.  Toad lilies, Curcuma Gingers, and some Caladiums are done, and yes, I already miss them (lol).   I love my shade gardens.  

They somewhat give my gardens a look of fall...

Combo, summer and fall...

All the Knockout roses are thriving in this cooler weather.  This photo was taken in April, the month before I began this blog.  I planted 9, gallon size, Knockouts and 4 hybrid teas.  This space was a rock garden for years, grasses, aloes, and sedums.  I was ready for a change, but I needed something that could handle full sun, ten hours a day.  The Knockout roses have not been perfect, they did suffer during the hottest part of summer, but I'm not aiming for flawless.

In six months time, they have filled in nicely.  A few hybrid tea roses have been removed, but all of the Knockouts remain.

Just one more...

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Thank you for visiting.


  1. I love the way you are growing the jasmine as a privacy hedge. It looks gorgeous!
    It was rainy and cool tonight, so we know fall is finally gonna visit for a bit. Looking forward to opening up the windows this week.
    I hope you and your family have a memorable holiday. Enjoy!

  2. WOW ~ I really love your gardens and all of your blooms. We had rain starting Sat., some yesterday morning, then the temps started cooling down. Yay, for us in FL.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week ~ FlowerLady

  3. Janice, your gardens look so lovely! What a wonder, to have so many blooms and be able to grow vegetables at this time of year. Your blog is just the cure for the oncoming winter that we northerners are facing. Thanks for sharing your warm, flower-filled gardens with us! -Beth

  4. I didn't realize you'd planted your Knockout roses so recently. It's amazing how mature the bed looks--and how many flowers you've got! What a feast for the eyes.

    I have a bunch of heirloom roses I've collected over the years, and my plan is to fill in the bed with some dependable Knockouts in order to amp up the color. I love the double pink.

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. Janice, thank you, thank you, thank you for the seeds! They came yesterday and it was a wonderful surprise! I will be harvesting the Tithonia seeds soon and send them on their way. Let me know if there's anything else from my garden that you might enjoy. Have a fantastic holiday!

  6. Hi Janice! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Your rose garden is absolutely beautiful - knock your socks off beautiful! The color is stunning and it looks as if it could be spring! Fantastic looking vegetables too! Really amazing!

  7. Hi Janice, I thought I had left a comment on this post earlier. Oh well! You're vegetables are looking great! It looks like you are able to produce a lot of your veggies. Your roses are stunning! I can see that they are enjoying the milder temps.