November 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day~November 2015~ Central Florida

November, and yesterday was the first day it didn't feel like summer in Central Florida.  We had a lovely taste of autumnal weather, but it's going to be a short reprieve.  The forecast for next week is the mid to upper eighties, and dry.  There are plenty of blooms, but not the camellias that I thought I would be sharing in November.  My Sasanqua Camellias, which started blooming late September, have nearly bloomed themselves out.  Our hotter than normal temperatures accelerated, and deteriorated the blossoms.  But, I do have roses...

Like red velvet, Don Juan.

Autumn Sunset

Gene Boerner

Red Cascade


Some folks don't think of Knockouts, as 'real' roses, and that's fine.  Instead of comparing them to roses, think of them as a shrub.  Many of us in the South grow azaleas, and they only bloom a few weeks in the spring, if a late frost doesn't lay waste to the blooms.  How much better, a shrub that blooms ten months of the year?  My Knockouts...

On to something completely different, Turks Cap.

They show up like a bunch of  little lipsticks, standing straight up.

After a few days, they begin to nod, hence one of their common names, 'nodding hibiscus'.

Around the gazebo, Gloriosa Lilies are still blooming.

Tibouchina, too.

Aloes are still blooming also, but the hummingbirds that visit them during summer have left us.  The little bird you see on the plant, I believe, is a Palm Warbler.  They're winter residents of Florida, but the interesting thing is that he drinks the aloe nectar just like the hummers.  I couldn't catch him in the act, but he got his fill...

Black Eyed Susan Vine on the front fence.

This ginger is new to me this year, I only know it's a 'spiral ginger', so called because of it's leaf placement.  I don't know the variety, and haven't seen it in bloom...

...I soon will though.

Until next time...happy gardening.


  1. Beautiful Roses!
    Love the Black-Eyed Susan vine, too!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  2. You have a wonderful collection of roses and they seem to be enjoying autumn even with the higher than normal temps. Enjoyed all your blooms.

  3. You DO have beautiful roses, Janice! Mine have reappeared a few at a time since our nighttime temperatures finally dropped in October but I have nothing on you in that department. And my Tibouchina has never, ever looked as good as yours.

  4. I LOVE your roses! I was a Knockout skeptic, but it won me over with its constant blooms and easy care!

  5. I LOVE your roses! I was a Knockout skeptic, but it won me over with its constant blooms and easy care!

  6. I need to check into knockout roses. Continually blooming and little care sounds great.

    Your roses and other blooms are great.

    Happy November ~ FlowerLady

  7. So many lovely and interesting blooms! I'm so glad you're not a plant snob like some gardeners. Any rose that blooms, keeps its leaves and avoids disease is good with me. Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers! -Beth

  8. You have so many beautiful blooms and I love all the varieties of roses you have...all gorgeous! Happy Bloom Day!

  9. Your Don Juan rose is just amazing--so perfect. I want to plant one! I'd never heard of Black Eyed Susan Vine before, but it is gorgeous--so lush and thick. It's so much fun to see all your flowers!

  10. I guess you don't really have any seasons where flowers don't bloom! These are so beautiful.

  11. Hi Janice! Gorgeous, gorgeous roses! All of them! I love seeing what's blooming in your garden - and I would love to have a place for a Black Eyed Susan vine. I keep thinking where I can cram in yet another plant, lol! Lovely photos and blooms! Here's hoping for cooler days... :) Happy Thanksgiving!