September 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day~September 2015~Central Florida

September is here, but heat and humidity still prevail in Central Florida.  Yesterday morning there was a slight difference in our temperature, but it only lasted until mid-morning.  Whether or not I feel the change in seasons, I can see it in my plants.  Leaves are changing, some plants have grown weary  of standing erect, and nothing is growing quite as vigorous as it was.  I've noticed the shifting sun, intent on leaving my back gardens, just beginning to graze my once, fully shaded, front porch in the mornings.

I'll begin 'bloom day' with this rose, Belinda's Dream.  If you grow this rose, you already know how carefree she is.  I have other roses that have suffered with black spot all season, including some of my Knockout roses, but this one has had beautiful foliage all year.

Belinda's Dream

Belinda's Dream

 Gene Boerner rose by my front porch.

Not sure of the name.

One more, also unnamed.

Our Saucer Magnolias always have a few blooms, but they are not as vibrant this time of year.

I have a couple Desert Roses blooming.

The ground orchids are also still blooming, their flowers seem to last forever.

Speaking of long lasting flowers, I have to mention Hydrangeas.  They change from their awesome, blue spring color, to beautiful mauves and purples, in fall.


Gerbera Daisy

A volunteer, Cardinal Climber, on the front fence.

On to the back gardens, Blue Ginger.

Gloriosa Lilies, still blooming in a few spots.

Hostas are also still blooming, but I can see a decline in some of their foliage.

Mexican Bush Sage...

With Pink Knockout roses in the background.

Happy Bloggers Bloom Day!


  1. Oh my gosh Janice! You have such beautiful blooms. I love them all.

    There is a slight change in the air down south here that tells me fall is on its way too. Hurray! I hope to get a LOT done outside during our cooler weather the next few months.

    Right now it is lightly raining, with the possibility of LOTS of rain through Friday, with possible flooding. Time will tell.

    Have a lovely day ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thanks Lorraine. We have high rain chances for today and tomorrow also...hope we get it. I'm looking forward to cooler weather also so I can do some fall cleanup, without sweating. Take care.

  2. Forever jealous of your beautiful roses . . . .

    My desert rose has been annihilated by the polka dot moth caterpillars, which is OK because they are pretty little things. I just hope my plant recovers.

    Have you ever seen any activity around your cardinal climber? I grow them because they are supposed to be hummingbird magnets, but I've never seen anything near them. Yours is pretty intertwined with the black eyed Susan vine.

    I love fall (hate winter) and am already missing the long days of summer. :-)

    Enjoy the rest of the week . . . and keep the beautiful photos coming.

    1. Thanks eli, I love a few of my roses...some of them are just a big pain. This fall, I'll edit them, but I'm not going to add any more.

      No, I've never noticed anything around the cardinal climber. It seems that a lot of plants are touted as butterfly or hummer magnets, but don't attract them in my yard. Maybe it's because we have other plants that they prefer.

      Hope you have a great week.

  3. I can almost smell those roses! You have so many wonderful blooms. We have felt the temperature change here too, ever so slightly. We'll take it! Enjoy your beauties.

    1. Hi Daisy...loving the cooler mornings, enjoying my coffee more. We've been getting ample rain too, another good thing! Hope you are enjoying your week.

  4. I love your Belinda's Dream. The foliage looks so fresh and perfect. Do you do anything special to care for it? My roses all look pretty bedraggled at this point.

    Your desert roses are beautiful too. Their colors are so vibrant!

  5. Leslie, my Belinda's Dream rose is the best one on the property. I don't do anything to her, or any of my roses for that matter...just fertilize and dead head . She is the ONLY one that hasn't had black spot and defoliated during the year. Even my OGR's like Louis Philippe, are a mess in late summer.