May 4, 2016

May Blooms

The skies opened and blessed us with rain today, nearly all day long.  It was a great day for just sitting on the porch, watching the much needed showers, and relaxing in the cool fresh air.  Between drizzles, I strolled around the garden and found the plants looking as refreshed as I felt.  This desert rose enjoys water as much as any plant, but it will defoliate, if over watered.  

Hydrangeas are beginning to bloom...a beautiful blue.  I don't think it's possible to give them too much water, they're heavy drinkers.

May is the month for Confederate Jasmine, and I look forward to it's arrival every year.  Not so much for the flower, although it is lovely, but for that fragrance that makes you want to linger in the garden.

I have over a hundred feet of Jasmine vine, used as a living privacy fence, alongside my driveway.  These plants run the gamut of full sun to complete shade and thrive nonetheless.

Gardenias also bloom in May, and perfume the garden with their wonderful scent.

'Valentine's Day' Rose is blooming by the front gate.


Glorius May, she also brings Agapanthus blooms!  Every where these are planted, they are just full of's going to be great year for blue in the garden.

The blues will go perfect with this yellow 'Lemon' daylily...

Back in the shade gardens, my Devil's Backbone is blooming.

Blooms are an added bonus, I always liked this plant before I even knew it could bloom.

Inside and outside the gazebo, Jackmanii clematis is blooming.

I hope your gardens are filled with blooms during this wonderful month of May.  Happy gardening.


  1. What beauty you have in your gardens!!!

    100ft. of the confederate jasmine must be absolutely wonderful! I love this vine and have two arches of it. The scent is just so .... I look forward to it blooming every spring too.

    I had my first gardenia bloom the other day, and waiting for more blooms to open and fill the air with their perfume. That scent is one of my earliest memories of FL as my grandmother had a huge gardenia bush in her back yard.

    Don't ever get the sap from that backbone plant in your eye. HORRIBLE burning!!!

    We had a T-storm yesterday afternoon, rain with it, then even more rain after it was gone. Rain is great, T-storms not. :-)

    I saw that it is going to be 'hot' here this summer, so I'm trying to get a lot done now.

    Have a great day and weekend ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thanks for that heads up about the devil's backbone...I did notice it's got that milky sap that's usually an irritant. It looks like we're going to have a few more cool mornings, then the heat will be on. We'll have to enjoy our gardens very early or late in the afternoon. Have a good weekend and take care. _Janice

  2. I got three words for ya...GOR-GEE-OUS! Wow, do you have a lot going on in your garden. Just glorious! I'm envious of your agapanthus, mine don't seem to be close to blooming, nor do I have the abundance of them that you host.
    We enjoyed rain all flippin' day long yesterday. Pure joy...

    Thanks for sharing your lovely garden with us. It is a true source of inspiration.

  3. Thanks Daisy, you're so sweet! The Mexican Tithonia seed you sent me has been planted and is about 6 inches tall...can't wait for blooms. Have a great weekend. _Janice

  4. Hi Janice, Your garden continues to look great! You have so many blooms and I love blooms. 100 feet of jasmine is heavenly. It's my favorite vine. You are going to have a fabulous display of agapanthus. Can't wait to see more pics of them. Enjoy this beautiful weather we're having this weekend.

    1. Hi Susan, I am enjoying this weather, probably our last respite from summer heat. And I can't wait to see the agapanthus blooming alongside the daylilies. Don't you just love Florida? _Janice

  5. Holy Moly - I LOVE your wall of jasmine! How delightful - and inspiring! I would love to have that happening in my yard. How long have you had them? The blues in your garden are so beautiful! Hydrangea and agapanthus and clematis are some of my favorites. And I do like that Devils Backbone - so interesting! I love seeing your garden, it's always joyful! :)

  6. Everything looks BEAUTIFUL and I love the wall of jasmine!! Mine is blooming in a couple of pots by the garage and the smell is wonderful. I have multiple volunteers I need to pot up and your wall of jasmine gave me some ideas for beautiful privacy fencing since this grows so well in this environment. Loved the rain too and would welcome more. All the best - Lynda

    1. Thanks Lynda. We could always use more rain as it runs right through our sandy soil. That's another good thing about the jasmine, once it's established it needs very little water. Have a great week. _Janice

  7. Your garden must be a perfumed delight Janice with that fantastic wall of Jasmine and the gardenias! Everything looks so lush and lovely and those agapanthus are going to be SO beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely garden with everyone!
    - Kate x

    1. Spring is such a beautiful time in the garden for fragrance and blooms. Enjoy your week. _Janice