March 7, 2016

Signs Of Spring

Hell-o everyone!  You're probably a gardener if you're reading this, so I'll make it short and sweet, because there's always one more thing to get done this time of year.  Spring is the busiest, but most enchanting time of the year, in the garden.  Love it, love it, love it!  I've got just a few things popping up and coming out...

Crinum,  this pink is always he first one to bloom.

Saucer Magnolias are just starting to show off...

I have this in several areas in the garden, but I need a plant ID.

Azaleas have been the slowpoke of the garden this year...

Serissa foetida, when I bought her years renamed Serissa japonica.  She's not one of those 'in your face' beauties, but she's a favorite shrub of mine.

Dahlberg Daisy thrives on neglect, reseeds everywhere.

'Belinda's Dream' rose is getting ready to pop...

Sage is just starting...

Turks cap has bloomed for what seems like forever...fine with me!

Toad Lily is reappearing in all the shade gardens, signs of spring.

Eastern Bluebirds are choosing their birdhouse now for their first brood.  This birdhouse has been used by them for several years.

Bluebirds typically have two or three broods a year.  Survival rate must be good, because we have an abundance of them...

This is not a great picture, but they're beauties nonetheless.  Cedar Waxwings love the berries from our 'East Palatka' Holly tree, but our resident Mockingbirds don't share well.

Cardinals are content to just sit...I could not be a Cardinal!

Marion County Master Gardeners' spring festival is happening this weekend.  There's always a great selection of plants that you'll never see in the big box stores, some homegrown.   Last year I passed up some 'Wendy's Wish' Salvia, and it was gone when I went back to the booth - this year, I'm grabbing it first time around.  I hope you're all enjoying your gardens and anticipating great things for spring.


  1. Hello Janice! What a lovely treat to see all these beautiful signs of spring in your garden. I've made a note of that Serissa Foetida as it looks like a pretty bush. I just loved seeing the gorgeous bluebird photos. You are so lucky to have them. I have seen them in our area but I think that where I live is too heavily wooded and I think they prefer a more open environment. Your saucer magnolia is stunning too! We really have had the most amazing weather in the last few weeks haven't we and, like you, I have been making the most of it! Enjoy the garden festival this week - Hopefully you can find lots of lovely things to buy!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden!
    - Kate xx

    1. Hi Kate! I'm so glad you're enjoying this gorgeous weather too. This time of year there's always something new to discover in the garden, so it's just a joy to be outside. Have a great week. _Janice

  2. Beautiful bursts of color and fabulous feathered friends!
    I hope you enjoy your festival and let us know what you brought home!

  3. The plant you want an ID for is a hardy red gloxinia - Sinningia sellovii. Don't know why the "red" because the blooms certainly don't look red to me.
    jan in Ocala

  4. Oh my gosh, I have a bit of flower envy with what I see growing in your gardens from this post. Especially for the crinums and your saucer magnolia.

    Those little bluebirds are adorable as are the waxwings. Mockingbirds are very territorial.

    Enjoy all of the spring growth and blooms. Your gardens are oh so lovely and I am inspired by them once again, to keep on working in mine.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thanks Lorraine. Your gardens are always lovely, as well. Enjoy this beautiful weather! _Janice

  5. Your bluebird pictures are wonderful! And I love the birdhouse they chose. It's a beauty. Your crinum lilies are lovely too. They have such a cool old-fashioned look, especially against your picket fence.

    1. Thanks Leslie. You're right - the crinums do have an old-fashioned look, probably why I like them. Enjoy spring! _Janice

  6. Hi Janice, Spring is looking lovely in your garden. It is really the best time of the year!! How fortunate to have Bluebirds - what a welcome addition to any garden. Love the photo of the 3 different species of birds on the birdbath. Nice to see that they can co-exist and share the water. Keep posting your 'spring happenings' as I look forward to seeing all the beautiful flowers in your garden as they wake up.

    1. Thanks Susan. I like the way you put that, 'as they wake up'. When caladiums, gingers, or what have you emerges in spring, it's like welcoming old friends you haven't seen in a while. Probably something only we gardeners get. Happy gardening. _Janice

  7. What a lovely time of year in your gardens, Janice -- all your flowers and little birds are so beautiful! I'm so glad you've shared them with us (and I'm reminded again to try to find a replacement for the Belinda's Dream that I lost two winters ago!). Best wishes, -Beth

  8. Hi Beth! Spring is so lovely, but I'm afraid it's going to be a short one this year - feels like we're going straight from winter to summer. I hope you're having a beautiful spring! _Janice