April 6, 2016

Garden Party

We've been having some gorgeous spring weather in Central Florida for the past few days, although today has been quite windy.  I spent most of the day outside, doing a little weeding in the veggie garden, tying up tomatoes, planting a few things...just light gardening.  We began the day with coffee on the front porch, and ended with dinner on the back deck.  I just can't stay inside this time of year, the garden's awakening is so magical, I don't want to miss any of it.  I'll share what's going on in my front garden today, which is mostly full sun.

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'Gene Boerner' rose.

'Dr, Huey' rose, which is a root stock rose.

A sweet little rose, 'La Marne'.

Red Knockout, Tree Rose

Double Pink Knockout

'Don Juan' Climbers

Desert Rose

A new addition to my Desert Rose collection (can 3 plants be a collection?).

First clematis to bloom...

Still unfurling...

I  take a lot of close ups of blooms, but I want you to get a sense of what the front of the property looks like in it's entirety.  Obviously, I'm standing on the front porch...the house is about 120' from the picket fence. 

Behind the white arbor...

Beds to the left...

 Beds to the right, where  my hydrangeas live, in my one bit of shade out front.  This side of the yard is somewhat bare because I removed several roses which were diseased.  In their place is a 'Mutabilis', and a 'Mrs. B R Cant'...both good, old roses.  They're tiny now, but it won't take them long to mature.

'Mutabilis' in my garden, in 2004.

The front gardens are almost looking like summer, but there's still so much yet to come... daylilies, agapanthus, hydrangeas, gaura, zinnias, and more.

Until next time...
 We'll  meet around back, under the canopy of the oaks, and see what's growing there.

Once again, I thank you for visiting.  And as always...happy gardening!


  1. Beautiful yard. I still have roses at my old house (my brother lives there now) that I need to go dig up and move to my new house. So far I have a hedge of knockout roses and some Seven Sister roses along my front walkway. Every time they grow a long branch I cut it off, stick in it the ground, and a new plant grows. Do you do much to your hydrangeas? Mine are looking real healthy right now but I'm not sure if they will bloom this year or will only bloom on old growth.

    I'm real interested in what you have growing under your oaks. I have a large live oak with some camellias under it but would like to put more.

    1. I've had hydrangeas forever, and I find them very forgiving. They bloom whether I prune them hard or gently, as long as I do it the latter part of March. I have camellias under my oaks too, with caladiums, hostas, coleus, and whatever else will endure the's my favorite area of the yard to garden in. Looking forward to seeing your Seven Sister roses in bloom. _Janice

  2. Wow, look at all that garden space. How much total (front and back) garden space do you have? Roses really love spring and yours look super happy. I totally agree that it's hard to come indoors these days. I hope the 'perfect' temps will hang around a few more weeks. Enjoy your beautiful spring garden. Can't wait to see the upcoming perennial parade of blooms.

  3. A agree with Susan ~ WOW ~ Such wonderful space to garden in and what a treat for all of your neighbors. You've just inspired me to keep working in my own gardens. I love all that is blooming there in your front yard and look forward to see what's growing out back.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  4. What I wouldn't do to have a porch, lol! Your property is so charming. And your gardens are a beautiful compliment to the house and fencing. I just love it! I had a Don Juan up north, it had a gorgeous fragrance. All of your roses are so lovely! And I remember having clematis years ago (up north), always one of my favorites. Yes, we're having wonderful weather down here too! May it last!!!

    1. Lynn, I wish I could send you a porch, and you could send me an Indigo Bunting! Enjoy this bit of seasonable weather while we've got know it won't last. _Janice

  5. Gorgeous garden! What a wonderful place to have a cup of coffee or take a stroll. Do you give tours? ;0D
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  6. Oh Daisy, I would get hives just thinking about doing tours! Enjoy your weekend, hopefully the coolish weather will last a few more days. _Janice

  7. I really enjoyed seeing the view of your whole front yard. I love how you have your beds laid out--such a great design. Also, I really admire your beautiful lawn. We are about to put some sod down, and I hope we can keep it healthy!

    1. Leslie, thanks and good luck with your sod. We've tried to patch our lawn so many times and then watched the weeds or mole crickets consume it again. My lawn looks better in pictures than it is...for the past few years we've been putting out winter rye to hide the bare spots. This year the rye is dying before the weeds are coming in, so it's getting spotty again. We do have one good patch of zoysia right behind the picket fence. Honestly, grass is the only plant I can't grow, and we are just happy if it's green - weeds or whatever.

  8. Janice, your gardens are so beautiful! You have so many roses and other flowers blooming, and I'm glad you have been able to enjoy some lovely weather to spend time outside in. And thanks for including the macro shot of your yard before everything is up -- that really helps show the layout (and those immaculate edges -- I feel so lazy compared to you...). Thanks for sharing your spring scenes, and I hope you enjoy a great weekend outdoors! -Beth

    1. Thanks Beth! Roses in Florida are always best in spring and fall, so I'm enjoying them before our summer months. Lazy, not you, I've seen some of the projects you tackle in your gardens...makes me tired just to read about them. Enjoy your weekend. _Janice

  9. Hello Janice! How lovely everything looks in your beautiful garden :-) I loved seeing the views over the front lawn - it is so expansive. It must be so nice to sit out there in the morning and to take in that beautiful view and to admire all your hard work. Your roses are absolutely gorgeous too! I have a Mrs B R Cant in my garden and it is such a lovely rose - it puts up with a lot of abuse from me because I keep moving it! Have a wonderful week and enjoy our spectacular weather.

    Kate xx

  10. Thanks Kate. I'm enjoying every minute of this lovely weather, knowing gardening time will be limited to mornings and evenings when things really heat up. _Janice