June 15, 2016

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day ~ June 2016 ~ Central Florida

June is prime time for blooms, as long as you're growing hardy perennials.  Central Florida's heat index has reached triple digits several days and even our afternoon showers are not having much of a cooling affect.  
This morning a lovely fog lay upon the gardens and with it came a quietness that you always wish could last a little longer.  It encloses one as a cocoon, obscuring an entire neighborhood.  Agapanthus, daylilies and roses all looked refreshed after last evening's rain... 

It didn't take long for Florida's sun to burn off the fog, and soon to feel as though I were in a sauna.  Thankfully, daylilies love the sun.

My daylilies are older varieties, all repeat bloomers.  They will outlast the blue Agapanthus, but not the yellow Thryallis shrub, nor the red Knockout rose.

Thryallis bloom.

The afternoon rains have caused rampant growth in my sun gardens, loving it.

When the blue Agapanthus are gone, I'll still have the beautiful blue of this Clerodendrum ugandense, or blue butterfly bush.  It's an easy care shrub, like the Thryallis.

 This shrub will bloom all summer until frost.

Daylilies that are blooming now, 'Kwanso'...


'Pandora's Box'

 Two  reds...

 Crepe Mrytle blooms were hanging low this morning, weighted down from last night's shower.  This is a 'Natchez',  mildew resistant. easy care.

Not only is the bloom of these trees beautiful, but their fall foliage is a handsome red-orange.  The bark of this tree is also a winning attribute...peeling to reveal a rich, cinnamon brown.

Another wonderful shrub for Florida, Hamelia patens or firebush, is a magnet for butterflies and hummingbirds.  In the background, Clerodendrum paniculatum, Pagoda of my favorites!

I'll close with a shade plant bloom, Tricyrtis, Toad Lily...

Blooms from around the world are being shared over at May Dreams Gardens.  Happy Gardening!


  1. I'm loving all your perennials, especially the toad lily. Happy Bloom Day!

  2. Some of your shrubs I have never seen. That Clerodendrum ugandense, or blue butterfly bush is something very special. And you say it is easy to grow? Too good to be true.
    Great set of plants. Lovely to see.

  3. Thanks Joanna. The Clerodendrum goes down each winter, but returns rapidly in spring. It's now around 6 foot, and will probably top out around 7 foot. A great shrub for Florida.

  4. All those beautiful flowers look stunning! Your gardens do not look affected by the summer heat at all. You must be enjoying all that beauty. I noticed the fog here the other morning, too. We're not getting hardly any rain, hope you're getting your share.

    1. Susan, we've been blessed with the most afternoon showers that we've gotten in a long time. I can see the beginning of the end in my sun gardens, but the gingers are just starting in the shade. Hope rains come your way soon. _Janice

  5. What a stunning display of agapanthus! Mine have finally opened and I am loving them!
    Your garden doesn't seem to mind the heat and humidity. Everything looks like it's thriving.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Daisy, so glad your agapanthus are blooming. My big stands have been here for years, but all were started as singles. The rains have kept the sun gardens going longer than I expected. You have a good weekend, as well. _Janice

  7. So great that you've been getting some rain. It keeps missing us here in Quincy. Your gardens look so healthy and happy!

    Your daylilies are so pretty. My parents collected daylilies when I was a child, so I have very fond memories of them. I love the Lemon especially--it's so simple and beautiful, the perfect shade of yellow!

    1. I love the Lemon too, no frills, just pretty. Hope the rains find you soon. _Janice

  8. Everything is so beautiful Janice and the heat and rains don't seem to have affected things one bit - quite the contrary! I've had some problems leaving a comment so it seems that the only way I can still comment is through google plus - so hopefully you still get them!

    1. Hi Kate! Your comments mean a lot to me - whatever you're doing, I'm getting them now. Thanks_Janice