August 3, 2015

When It's too wet to garden...go shopping.

Like most Central Floridians, I've gotten my share (and more), of rain the past two weeks.  By Wednesday, so says our weather service, we should start drying out.  Hooray!  Enough, already!  Why?  Because... I need to mow, my roses are a soggy mess, potted plants are drowning, and aphids are devouring several plants.  Yes, I need to go outside and attend to those things, and that list doesn't even include weeding, which I am sorely behind on.  Out of boredom, while it rained all morning long, I went shopping, and found this 'Christia Swallowtail' plant.  I've only seen photos of it , in other folk's gardens, always wanted one.


It's such a happy looking plant, I had to grab two.  My plan is to leave them in pots, bring them in this winter. 

I got three 'Clerodendrum Pagoda' plants, Starshine.

Lastly, a ground orchid.  I already have these in yellow and lavender.

This is what my 'wet world' looks like today, I'm sure if you're anywhere near me, yours looks the same.

Shade gardens.

Full sun gardens, but not today...

The okra has been over my head, for some weeks, still producing great.  

I'm just hoping that the sweet potatoes  are not staying too wet, I've never grown them before...don't want them to rot.

More new plants, these are the hydrangea cuttings that I took some weeks ago.

I potted them up between rains, a few days ago.  I'll leave them here until late September, then I'll plant them in their new bed.

This little guy was in the roots of the hydrangeas.  He's just starting to get his hind legs, so I left him in the bucket to finish growing.  I kept the wire over him, because egrets and herons explore anything that looks like a bait bucket around here.  They dined on our bait minnows, more than once, when we first moved here. 

Other 'wet pets'...caladiums.

Rose of Sharon

I wish you rain or shine, whichever you need, for your lovely gardens.


  1. Yup, we're soaked here too, but I'm not complaining. I've never had trouble with sweet potatoes rotting, I think you'll be okay.
    Lovely new additions. And what a find in your hydrangea!
    Hope your garden drinks up all this glorious rain!

    1. Two replies, Daisy. I just remembered eli's post...and us sharing the same birthday. It must be a good day, I have two other people close to me, that also share it.

  2. Thanks for the reassurance about the sweet potatoes, I'm looking forward to them in fall.
    Hope you're having a good week.

  3. Being further south of you, we've not had as much rain as you have gotten. I'm glad we got what we did though, because we were pretty dang dry.

    Today I plan to mow where I am dog sitting. It's supposed to be clear with T-storms happening this evening.

    I 'love' your swallowtail plant. I've never seen one before. I have the purple ground orchids. You've really got some lovely bloomers there in your gardens.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady

    1. We go from feast to famine in regards to the rain, but I'd rather have too much, than not enough. We've just never had so many ' all day' rains, to where you can't get outside long enough to do anything. Thanks to the good Lord though, everything's growing , due to all the rain.

      Well, I hope you just get the rain, and not the thunder storms this evening. Take care.

  4. I love your new additions to your garden, especially the ground orchid. That Clerodendrum Pagoda LOVES to spread it wings so be prepared to have more. :-)

    Seems like we have a number of fellow "Leos" here in blog land. Too funny.

    1. Yes, 4 'Leos' that we know of, there may be more. Either "Leos' like to blog, or they like to garden.

      I'm hoping the Pagoda spreads, trying to hide some stuff with it.

  5. Janice, I love your new additions. I bought a Swallowtail plant last year and absolutely love it because it is just so different. Hasn't the rain just been awful? I know we shouldn't complain because a drought is worse but it's frustrating when you can't get anything done out there. As always, your garden looks lush, beautiful and oh so colorful! Enjoy the new plants and hopefully the ☀️ Comes out soon to dry things up.

    Kate R

  6. Yes, the Swallowtail plant is just so unique. I was able to get my new additions planted this morning, before the rains came. Still drizzling, now. I think the plants are yearning for the sun, as much as we are. It has been a little cooler, so I'm grateful for that.

  7. Wow oh Wow, I love your Swallowtail plant! I can't remember seeing one of those before either...and now I have to have one, haha! It is so adorable! Janice, you're too funny, you couldn't have a bad looking garden no matter how hard you tried! Even with a swamp full of rain, your gardens are perfect! Your new plants are all beautiful! Hey, I'm a Libra with Leo rising - can I be in the club too? :)

  8. Lynn, you're just too sweet. I really do have weeds(a few), I just don't take pictures of them. The Swallowtail plant came from Walmart...5.99. Hey, if they knew how long I've wanted one, they could have charged more. I know they all carry different plants, but maybe one near you will have them. And yes, you can be in the club!

  9. Hey Janice, I'm headed to Walmart in search of that plant. I, too, have seen them in blogs but never found one Ina nursery. Your garden looks lovely and so happy after all that refreshing rain. All of your flowers - just beautiful! It doesn't look like the dog days of summer are having any impact on your garden.

    1. Susan, I hope you get one! Two of our Walmarts have them, I'm crossing my fingers for you. Thanks for the garden compliment, some plants did love all the rain, others didn't. That's just gardening, though.

  10. Your gardens look especially gorgeous after the rain. I've gone back and looked at these pictures several times--the different views of your yard are just so pretty!