July 5, 2015

A beautiful morning, in my Central Florida garden.

Oh, what a beautiful morning!  The gardens were still damp from the rain, which we so gratefully received yesterday evening.  Until about ten this morning, it was somewhat cooler than usual, a lovely time to take a few photos.

A young clematis at the corner of the porch...this plant likes sun, while the roots want to be kept cool.  I always mulch them heavily, but I also gave her a rock , for the roots to run under.

The crape myrtles were still bowed down from the rain.

 Patterned leaves on a 'hidden' ginger.  

Another pretty pattern, 'Silver Diamonds' Ginger.  I've been enjoying her in a pot, until I decide where she's going.

A 'fancy' elephant ear, in the foreground.  'Colocasia esculenta', variety, 'Mojito'.  Now, I've got that out of my system.

We'll just call this one, an elephant ear, with pretty red stems.

Wandering Jew Plant...pieces broke off of a hanging basket plant, now it is wandering.

Disney ginger, just showing color.

Ghost Plant, in an old bird bath.  I think everyone's had one of these, at one time or another,  ( Graptopetalum Paraguayense).

A bit of one, roaming with ferns.

This is a plant that I haven't been able to ID.  I've grown this plant for over twenty-five years, bought it from a Seminole Feed Store.  They had no label on it, but the clerk said it was a wild hibiscus.  The plant has fuzzy leaves and will grow up to two feet, reseeds everywhere.  It's easy to pull up, so it's not a problem.   I love it because it blooms from now until first frost, and there's not much, except roses (and they look crappy during summer), blooming then.

Several shades of red, all beautiful.  At one time, a neighbor lady had some light pink ones...she gave me seeds, but the pinks only showed up for a few years, and hers disappeared also.  If you know what I'm growing, let me know, please.

Shade gardens with caladiums, hostas, coleus...


              ~ Hope you have a great day. ~


  1. Everything looks so refreshed! Love the pattern on your hostas!

    1. Even I feel refreshed, I haven't been running around with the garden hose this week. We've gotten several nice rains. I hope everything is going well in your world.

  2. Oh my gosh! I LOVE your gardens. Everything looks lush. We NEED rain, everything is wilting. Rain keeps being predicted and it goes around us. I need to get out to hand water today. Plus it is my day to water using sprinklers.

    Have a great week there in your bit of paradise ~ FlowerLady

    1. Finally, we've been getting lucky with the rain, it's hit us several afternoons. I haven't even had to water pots! You know, nothing grows a garden like rain. I hope your garden gets a good soaking, real soon.

      I hope you enjoy your beautiful space this week also.

  3. You have such a variety in your garden . . . and everything looks so manicured and beautiful. I don't know how you do it! I'm envious every time I see one of your clematis plants too. ;-)